4 Fun Ways to Help Your Kids Advertise Their Lemonade Stand This Summer

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Summertime in the suburbs and other close-knit communities means backyard water balloon battles, neighborhood barbeques, and lots of fun ways for kids to make money from trusted neighbors. Sure, this isn’t an episode of Leave It to Beaver, but those quiet, happy, secure neighborhoods still exist. If you happen to live in one, here are a few fun ways you can help your kiddos advertise their lemonade stands this summer.

Signs, Signs Everywhere

Signs are a tried-and-true advertisement method for all kinds of things, like garage sales, and even lemonade stands. Snag a few pieces of giant poster board, some bold and colorful markers, and help your kids make signs all about their lemonade stands. Be sure to mention price, location, and how long the lemonade stand will be open on a daily basis. You could even print up some waterproof stickers for the poles and bulletin boards around your neighborhood.

Little Ads in the Local Newspaper

If you little town has a local newspaper, run a small ads in local businesses to attract a few new customers to your kiddo’s lemonade stand. There is usually a locals section that features adverts for family-owned shops, yard sales, and things like that. Again, make sure you include times, location, and price for the lemonade.

Word of Mouth Throughout Your Neighborhood

The best method for advertisement is word-of-mouth, regardless of what kind of business you are trying to spread the world about. Since lemonade stands are small and focused within close-knit communities, word-of-mouth would spread quickly, especially among children. So, tell your youngster to tell their friends and their friends’ parents. Inevitably, word will get around, and your kiddo might wind up with a line of lemonade-loving customers around the block.

Free Lemonade Samples to Your Neighbors

In the early 90s, many neighborhood kids used to same door-to-door method for service advertisement as they would for Halloween trick-or-treats. Only this time, kiddos are handing out the treats to neighbors, and not the other way around. Help your youngster take a few small cup samples of lemonade to their neighbors, offering them a taste of the goodness they can expect from buying a full-sized cup from the stand itself.

Lemonade stands are a great way for kiddos to earn a little cash for their summer fun, like movie tickets, bowling shoes, and pocketfuls of candy. However, these kinds of cash-making summertime endeavors also give kids a great perspective of real-world business. It teaches them about marketing and hard work, while ensuring they keep a level head about money-making potentials in future careers.

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