5 Amazing Places in New Delhi You Must Head to For Your Next Date


Delhi is a place where people love to frolic, and couples are by far on the top of such a list. Now what happens with couples is that generally, they run out of places to visit. So head over to New Delhi your upcoming vacation with the best Delhi hotel deals and have a brand new dating experience of a lifetime.

The Garden of Five Sense: This garden is not just any garden. It is twenty acres of absolute calmness and peace and tranquillity. There is almost absolutely no one to disturb you. Also, the lake inside provides a very romantic and calm atmosphere. Add to all this the joints ranging from restaurants to street food. Fountains lined with brilliant lighting systems make for the beautiful rendition of the sculpture of ‘A Fountain Tree’. This is one of the most beautiful and yet lesser known places to hang out on your next date with your significant other.

Oysters: This is the best water theme park to head over to with your significant other for your next date. Complete with a large variety of water rides. One of the best is the wave river which is for the adventurous only though. One of the most romantic moments can be spent out there. Then there are zero gravity falls from great heights, which are also for only the brave of heart. So if you and your significant other are equally brave, this is one place you must not miss out on.

GIP Ebony Private Lounge: One of the most private cinema halls is here. The GIP Ebony Private Lounge lives up to its name. This cinema hall provides couples with beds that are convertible to sofas, with drapes and curtains and complete with soft pillows. They make sure that the entire experience is almost equivalent to that of a honeymoon. The tickets are quite pricey,but then it’s totally worth it.

Ice Lounge: If there is any type of hotel that India does not have, it is an ice hotel. However, the Ice Lounge is quite without named when you take into consideration its frigid attributes. Starting from the ice tables to ice seats, from a roof of ice to ice jhoomer, the restaurant has it all. Even so, the cutlery including the glasses, plates and so on and so forth are made of and designed with ice. Couple all this with a very chilling atmosphere and you’ll have a fantastic and unique time. This is quite literally one of the coldest places to hang out at with your very hot significant other. *Wink wink*

The Garden Restaurant: It is no doubt one of the best restaurants there is, and, more so, if it is a date with your significant other. This just awesome restaurant is located in the Lodi garden area. Also accompanying the restaurants are various sections where you can sit and hang out. One of the top favourites of the crowds is probably The Deck section. This is here where you can sit in the awesome ambience with a romantic view of the front of the pool. This provides one of the best environments for a very pleasing and aesthetic evening on a date. Also, they have a professional live music band who play soulful and soothing some continuously matching the mood perfectly.

So here are some of the best amazing places in or near New Delhi where you must be heading to for your next date with your significant other. So head over to New Delhi this vacation with best Delhi hotel deals and have a date of a lifetime.

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