5 Brand Protection Techniques to Use in 2021

Brand abuse has unfortunately become a usual thing today. Diligent companies often suffer from people who want to earn money easily and en autre droit. As a result, industrious organizations face social media impersonation, loss of brand reputation and money.

It is crucial to have a reliable protection technique nowadays, especially if you run business. A reputable rotating mobile proxy service guarantees your brand’s security.

Brand in Information Realm

To understand better what brand protection is you need to know the words “infringers”, “counterfeiters”, “pirates”. They are the main menace to your brand’s intellectual property. It is a technique that secures it from infringers, different counterfeiters and pirates.

The issue is that each brand’s situation is unique and the online brand safety technique should be chosen in correspondence with each specific case.

Brand is very woundable and it is crucial to properly protect it if you do not want to be left back at the bottom of the ladder.

Malefactors can abuse your brand by making use of your name, intellectual property, logo etc. They can:

  • create rogue websites;
  • clone domains;
  • use domain typos;
  • develop hostile domains.

Besides, trespassers and not successful rivals can violate your copyright privacy by stealing your literary or artistic works. They can steal your trademark and develop a slightly changed version in order to disorient your clients.

5 Ways of Protection

These techniques will help your brand not to lose its reputation, revenue and clients.

Social Media.

Develop a strong social media presence and report about everything that is unofficial.


Do not hesitate to register your intellectual property via trademarks and patents.

Teach Your Customers.

Customers usually are not aware of what is happening ‘behind the scenes”. Educate them how to tell the original brand’s goods / services from the false ones.

Sign Non-Compete and NDAs Agreements.

In such a way you will secure your brand form data and ideas leakage from your employees.

Use Proxies.

Proxies boost your safety online as you stay incognito. Your competitors will not be able to hide any precious data from you or deceive by showing biased data. You can monitor your rivals and their prices, research and analyze the market, learn your audience’s tastes, gather important data etc.

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