5 Common Reasons for Industrial Generator Failure

Generators are the lifeline of industrial units. From powering small enterprises to the giant world moving industries, these generators are used everywhere. But when the problem strikes, the situation can get critical. These generators are the sources of for running the mission-critical components when the mains go off.

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If power is disrupted, operations are interrupted and it results in lost revenues and resources. No wants that. A failing generator can take other components with it so it is important to prevent its failure at all costs.

Here are common reasons why many industrial generator failures occur-

Turn it into auto

It is common to find many generators to go into manual mode after service or maintenance runs. After the service is done, it is important to check for any “not in Auto” messages. It may sound stupid but this is a common problem that occurs frequently. But people start for looking for the problem somewhere else.

If the message occurs frequently, the problem may be deep down. It could also mean several things so it is best to contact the support team or read the manual if it is a separate unit.

Battery Failure

Battery failure is a common issue and can occur anytime. It is mainly due to sulfate buildup over the battery terminals. Because of the sulfate, the battery cannot pass enough current. Replacing the battery or terminals will usually solve the problem.

Other problems with the wires and sockets can also lead to battery failure. The charger breaker may also remain open or tripped. It is important to check the breaker after every service.

Low fluids and Oils

Low coolant or oil levels can bring in all sorts of problems. It can lead to overheating, cracked heads, over-cranking, cracked pistons or even a serious engine failure. It is usually caused by an external or internal leak. Human errors also become the reason.

The levels should be topped off at regular intervals and if any leak is found, the generator should be taken out of service. Lack of oil is always a serious problem.

Normal wear and tear

The generator is a mechanical device and it will fail eventually. The common reasons for failure are the lack of maintenance and regular wear and tear. There should be no dry or cracked belts. This is usually caused by rough weather and pests. With regular use, there will be problems of burnt boards, electrical components, stepper motors or malfunctioning transfer coils. Replacements should be in order if any failures raise the head.

Lack Prevention and regular maintenance plan

All types of industrial Generators need regular service. In many mechanical engineering investigations, it has been proven that the generator related accidents or disasters occur because of poor running conditions and lack of a preventive maintenance plan.

Both big and small generators should be maintained and serviced at least twice a year. If the usage is in some demanding conditions, the frequency of the service should be increased. Depending on the make, model, and purpose of your generator, the servicing needs may change even further.

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