5 Games to Refresh Your Mind When You Are Really Stressed

Stress acts as a major hurdle preventing the mind from functioning properly. Stress can be the result of hectic lifestyle and lack of refreshment. It is said that people who take a break from their work at regular intervals tend to perform better at their workplace. A diversion of mind is thus a necessity. Here are some simple games that can help you divert your mind from stress and get back to life positively. All these games are popular round the globe and are also known to improve the mind’s functioning.


This word game is popular because it helps you think out different word possibilities with just the same letters. The rules of the game are such that they compel you to know the meaning of each word you make and thus help to enhance your word power. As the game advances, the possibility of making words reduces greatly. Thus, a good player of scrabble should be constantly learning new words.

Chinese Checkers

This is yet another mind game that not just refreshes you mentally but also makes you think real hard. The beauty of the game is that it can be played all alone or with friends. The game is said to be a real mind boggler. The game challenges your IQ and thus is a great helper is bringing the mind back in form.

Indian Rummy

This is one of the most popular card games in India. The game can be played between two or more players. All you need is a deck of cards to play the Indian Rummy game. The game is easy to learn and is said to improve organising skills in individuals. The game has also moved on to the internet era and now it is possible to play rummy online on Khelplay Rummy. You can play rummy even without a deck of cards even without a proper internet connection.


This board game also requires a quick mind. A person who can play carroms well surely has a high level of concentration. Carroms requires you to have a good spell of attention. It is impossible to win this game without that. The game is usually played between 2 players of 2 teams of 2 players each. In many office settings, carrom boards are placed in refreshment rooms. The game is known to interest people of all ages.


Game, also known as Shatranj, is one of the most games for mind skill enhancement. It is a two-player game. This board game is inspired from battles and each team’s goal is to kill the opponent team by conquering the king. Diligent players manage to win the game. Each coin in the board has different moves. A good player understands how to best use each coin to the best of his benefit.

Be it in a game or in life, winning is our main goal. When the mind tires of the routine, its efficiency is known to reduce greatly. That is when one needs to divert his mind to other interesting activities. There should be something new and challenging each day so that the mind remains active. Now, between hectic office hours, you can take a short card game break and play rummy online.

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