5 Must-Have Mohawk Fade Haircut for All Men

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For the past few decades, Mohawk fade for men has remained a bold and statement cut for men. This symbol is aborigine of North American and was common Viking warriors. It symbolized allegiance to weak movement. However, this classic haircut has since been upgraded in fade form.

The haircut is appealing as vintage, yet the modern updated haircut version is suitable for modern-day rebels. Are you ready to rock this style as a Viking warrior? Click to read more and remember you are master of your style.

  1. Short Mohawk Fade

Whether you want to grow your hair, or you are looking for a classic and modern take on the hairstyle, a short Mohawk fade is a modern and fun way to rock the trend. The most preferred thing about this hairstyles is that, as long as the hair is trimmed into a crew cut, you can style it up into a Mohawk. Since this look is short, the inclusion of fade helps to come up with the much-needed fullness and dimension for a masculine yet modern appearance.

  1. Extended Mohawk Hair

Match your vibrant, elongated Mohawk with a medium or low fade for a sleek, stylish and on-trend style. By allowing the hair to cascade to the sides in the perfectly groomed fade, this style strikes a perfect equilibrium between refined and punk.

The low maintenance look is especially suitable for men in their 20’s but, that doesn’t mean it cannot be rocked by stylish order men looking to accentuate their inner boyishness.

  1. Low Fade Mohawk

If you are after a seamless cool haircut, then ask your barber for this low fade Mohawk. It incorporates a fade that starts around the temp leaving plenty of manes at the top to be styled. This gives the best natural matching for Mohawk. The slight yet sharp approach adopted by this fade allows for versatility in daily grooming. So if you want to rock a Mohawk during the weekends, and you want a more vintage appeal for formal events, this look will do.

  1. Burst Fade Mohawk

This is classic and on stylish take on the old fade. Burst fade is an excellent choice for men with a Mohawk who want to reveal their strong locks. Just as drop fade, the cut curves down near the ear to the back of your head. What sets apart the burst from drop fade is that the former doesn’t continue around the head, while the hair near the neck is left elongated. Due to this, the combo of Mohawk and the fade gives you an opportunity to come up with a statement style that goes past the forehead to your head’s nape.

  1. Curly Mohawk with a Fade

This is ideal for men with curly hair. Here you don’t need styling gel to achieve the style. The curls are kept up, and a high fade is incorporated for a chic and sophisticated look.

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