5 Technologies to Take Your Event to the Next Level

The use of innovative technology is changing the way participants experience live events—increasing engagement, personalizing mobile content, improving safety and more.

On the business side, event planners are reporting positive results from technology, including higher ROI thanks to event-specific apps.

Here are 5 ways technology can take your event to the next level:

1. Use RFID wristbands for an interactive guest experience

Commonly known as RFID, radio-frequency identification has been making its way into more and more events in recent years. As just a few examples, thousands of attendees at the Bonnaroo and Isle of Wight music festivals used RFID bracelets to purchase virtual tickets, connect on social media and make purchases at the events. The RFID bracelets took on a safety role too, as access to the festival grounds was restricted to those with properly coded bracelets.

New York Comic Con also integrated RFID technology, using a gamified approach to help capture critical consumer data such as change in sentiment and behavior, garnering massive media attention and enhancing the overall consumer experience.

As demand for RFID grows, event organizers are finding creative ways to incorporate the technology with positive results, including increased guest spending.

The same approach can be applied to all types of events, to deliver a more interactive and more memorable guest experience.

2. Integrate beacon technology to track the crowd

With 80% of users opting in, Beacon is quickly gaining in popularity as a way to keep guests engaged and informed. Creating a barrier known as geofence around the event, beacons are used to distribute messages about promotions, nearby events and schedule notifications to attendees.

At a recent festival in Germany, beacons were used to track attendees’ locations and display personalized content. At the same event, the Beacon application Greencopper synced with Spotify, racking up over 360,000 digital streams for the performers.

3. Live stream main events

Even while many events generate buzz and a large volume of social media posts, interaction beyond the event is often limited. That leaves a significant group of interested people untapped.

One way to bring the event to more people is through the use of live streaming. As an added benefit, reports suggest that one third of those watching the live stream are likely to attend the event in the following year.

4. Test Drive Augmented Audio

The brainchild of Goldenvoice and Doppler Labs, Here Active Listening System debuted at Coachella 2016. The user, through the discrete wireless Here buds, is able to adjust the audio of the real-time concert, including turning up the treble or turning down the bass. These ear buds deliver instant adjustments without lag, enhancing the overall concert experience.

5. Utilize Drone Accessories

While sunblock may still be top accessory for outdoor events, the drone wristband has been making it to the essential’s list for festivals. Nixie, a technology company, created a pocket-sized drone to take photos, record video and even help people find their friends among the crowds.

Technology continues to evolve at rapid pace, bringing with it a whole new world of possibilities for event organizers. And although technology may not be the main draw of your event, it offers nearly endless ways to augment the experience, increase ROI and build buzz for the next edition.

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