6 Alternate Body Jewelry Mistakes for Men to Avoid

Men love jewelry on their ladies but when it comes to them, most shy away. But the few, who carry on with this brave task, don’t always do the best job. But fret not, we are here to help. Here are 6 alternate body jewelry mistakes for men to avoid at all costs.

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We really wish more and more men actually experiment with alternate body jewelry. It adds a touch of uniqueness to your personality and initiates conversations. Moreover, it tells the world that you are a confident man that understands his fashion.

So here are 6 sins for men when it comes to alternative body jewelry-

No Confidence to Carry It

When you are new to body jewelry, the confidence should come naturally. As they say fake it till you make it. If you are not confident with your jewelry fashion, you won’t look good.

At the start, go with simpler and plain options. Start with your ears and try to keep it plain. It will help you get comfortable with your image. When you see you are getting the hang of it, move to more sophisticated ones like eye rings, spirals, tongue jewelry, etc.

Not Matching It with Your Attire

Most men forget that the body jewelry is still a part of your fashion. Matching and mixing are still required. You just cannot pick candy pink ear spirals with a black tuxedo and expect it to work.

Experiment, try different colors, shapes and match it with your dresses. Your fashion should not be overpowered by your piercings and body jewelry. Both should complement each other.

Not Wearing the Correct Size

Body jewelry comes in many sizes and it is important to choose the right one. If you have a slim face then going for a large gauge ear tunnel does not make much sense. You can but most probably you shouldn’t.

It is a part of basic fashion sense that most men don’t follow while wearing alternate body jewelry. A large piece will draw attention but it’s not always the attention you want. Similarly, a jewelry piece is meant to be displayed, so it should be not too small that you can’t flaunt it. All we need is a little bit of balance.

Forgetting About Hygiene

Body piercings always bring some efforts in terms of maintenance and hygiene. If not taken proper care, these piercings can lead to infections, foul smells, and overall discomfort. Fashion is all about being comfortable and if it gives you pain, you are not doing it right.

Maintain proper hygiene and let your new piercings heal completely before moving on to new ones. Also, avoid materials that can cause reactions. Many piercing experts only suggest surgical grade materials for the best comfort and health.

Going Overboard

Just like anything, body jewelry in excess can cause more harm than you would expect. You have the confidence, you take good care and you match it with your overall attire- but if you have more than 100 rings on your face, then it’s a little too much.

Body jewelry, alternate or not, should complement your personality. It should show the world who you are. Men’s body jewelry has always been simple and the subtlety is what sets the fashionable ones apart from the normal guys.

Making It Bland and Boring

This one is simple. It’s all about showing your true fashion senses. It goes along with the first point of confidence. Don’t just go for the same age-old black and round stuff.

The market is filled with alternate stuff – titanium, steel, wood, acrylic, etc. that too in a myriad of colors. Experiment with shapes, gauges, colors, patterns. Maybe consider a new piercing- how about a new punched conch or a tragus jewelry?

If you have the confidence and are comfortable with it, then there’s no way you will make any jewelry mistake.

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