6 surprising facts about how music influences our lives

6 surprising facts about how music influences our lives

Do you have goosebumps every time you hear your favourite song? If so, you should know that it is an absolutely normal thing. Researchers try to figure out why music is so important to us and what influence it has on our lives. According to recent studies, music can make you temporarily smarter. If you are curious about this topic, read this article.

1. Listening to music can temporarily boost your brain

Concerning recently carried studies, music has a significant impact on our brains. It is proven that people score better results in an IQ test if they listen to Mozart. The effect lasts for about fifteen minutes after listening. Henkjan Honing, professor of music cognition at the University of Amsterdam claims that music actually doesn’t make us smarter. Also, there is no direct relationship with Mozart so the same effect can be achieved with, for example, folk music. However, only the music which makes you happier will temporarily make you smarter. So, for each person, the music genre that produces happiness will be different.

2. Music can cure your illness

Can music act as a medicine? If you listen to your favourite music, it gets you into a certain mood. This phenomenon was described in the book “ The Musical Home Pharmacy “ written by the German music scientist Christopher Rueger. According to Mr Rueger, your favourite music has an impact on your mind and even on your brain. Music gives incredibly easy access to our memory. Your favourite song can bring memories way more natural than a photo related to the same moment.

3. Music equals pleasure

Music has a relationship with our emotional system and can positively influence it, but the researchers still perceive this topic as a mystery. Only small parts of science say anything about it. Some time ago, the study in which a small group of people had their brains examined in the scanning device was conducted. They had a feeling that probably many people know very well: the one moment in that one piece of music that touches them every time. The test showed that the brains of listeners who were looking forward to that one moment produced dopamine. In other experiments, a similar effect has only been demonstrated with food and sex. It is not understood why the brain reacts in such a way with something as abstract as music.

4. The benefits of music therapy

Presently, science says that your favourite music has a positive effect on your brain and your overall mood and health. You can then use music to cure yourself. If you have a condition such as autism or Alzheimer’s, or if you are depressed or have brain damage, you can benefit from music therapy. Older people, for example, become happier and less stressed when they make music themselves. Neurobiologists and brain researchers from around the world are very interested in the subject.

5. Music in the womb

The researchers have no doubt that music stimulates brain development in the womb. This starts when the baby’s hearing begins to develop, and the baby starts to hear mothers heartbeat. After 24 weeks of pregnancy, children become sensitive to melody, pitch and rhythm. Thus, music can strongly influence unborn children, although it doesn’t have an impact on their music taste in later life.

6. Music and blood pressure

Some genres of music have a general effect, even though it is not necessarily your favourite. For example, music from Italian opera composed by Giuseppe Verdi lowers blood pressure. It was confirmed by the researchers from the University of Oxford. There is a ten-second cycle in his music that is repeated over and over and resembles the heartbeat.


As you can see, music has a significant impact on our lives. The human brain can hear and process it even in the mother’s womb. Almost every person has their favourite piece of music. What is yours? We hope that this article helped you to understand better why music is so important in your life.


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