7 Essential Routine Checks You Must Do for Your Motorcycle

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Two wheelers are the most loved mode of conveyance for many. They are economical, cheap to buy and easy to navigate even in the most horrible of traffic jams. Though two-wheelers are loved, you cannot ignore the increased risk of accidents associated with them. That is why, it is imperative to drive your two-wheeler with utmost care and to follow the traffic rules strictly.

Doing these two things reduce the probability of accidents. Moreover, besides following these two habits, you should conduct routine checks on your motorcycle to ensure a smooth drive and prevent accidents. Here are seven essential routine checks which should be done on your bike:

1. Tire health

Tire puncture and tire pressure of your bike should be checked regularly. If there is a puncture in the tire or if the air pressure is low or very high, there would be problems in using the bike. Incorrect tire pressure might also result in a severe accident due to tire burst.

2. Engine oil

Engine oil helps in providing proper lubrication to the bike’s engine and reduces friction. It, therefore, improves the performance of the bike and increases the longevity of the engine. Engine oil should, therefore, be regularly checked so that the optimal levels are maintained. The oil filter should be removed, cleaned and then re-plugged to remove the accumulated dirt.

3. Coolant level

When the bike is used, the engine heats up. The level of heating up depends on the type of bike you have. Coolants help in cooling down the engine and so your bike should have a proper level of coolant at all times. If the coolant has been used up you should add fresh coolant mixed with water in the coolant chamber to prevent overheating of the engine which would, otherwise cause severe damages.

4. Lubricating the metal parts

The bike’s chain and sprocket should be regularly cleaned and lubricated for smooth riding. The lack of proper lubrication might result in an accident as the drive train (chain, belt and shaft) ensures that the bike runs smoothly without any obstacles. If there is not enough lubrication, the chain might get stuck and cause an accident.

5. Brake health

The brakes of the bike are important tools which control the movement of the bike. As such, the brakes should be regularly checked to ensure that they are working smoothly and there is no rigidity in the usage of the brake. There might be brake pads in your bike which should be regularly changed for better usage.

6. Regular servicing

Regular servicing of the bike is also essential for smooth operations. The bike should be sent for servicing every two to three months so that all the parts of the bike are checked for faults and any possible faults are corrected. Regular servicing also eliminates the possibility of bike accidents due to worn out parts because such parts are replaced or repaired at every service.

7. Continuation of the bike insurance policy

Bike insurance is a mandatory cover which is necessary to drive the bike on Indian roads. Having a valid 2 wheeler insurance cover is necessary if you don’t want to violate legal rules. The bike insurance policy runs for a specific tenure after which renewal is a must. So, you should check the validity of the policy. If the policy is nearing expiration or if it is expired, go for bike insurance online renewal immediately. Continuous coverage should be maintained in the 2 wheeler insurance.

So, if you use your bike regularly and want to avoid accidents, make sure to do the above-mentioned routine checks regularly within a month or two. A little care at your end would not only ensure your safety, it would give you a wonderful driving experience too. And do not forget bike insurance online renewal to stay on the right side of the law.

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