7 Things to Know Before Buying a Car

Owning a car is a dream for many. A car is not only comfortable & safe to ride but also offers climate control which makes it a popular transportation choice for many. However, purchasing a car can be a tedious process. You need to mindful ofseveral aspects while making a car purchase.Right from choosing the best model and considering your budget to purchasing a car insurance policy, the list goes on. Following are seven things to take into consideration before buying a car.

  1. Brand and model

There are numerous car brands in India that offer models of varying specifications. You may compare various manufacturers and the models they offer, and make a choice based on your needs and desires.

  1. Budget

In order to avoid any strain on your finances, you should purchase a car that is well within your budget. There are numerous financial institutions in the market who offer loans at attractive rates to those seeking finance to buy their dream car.

  1. Ex-showroom price

An important factor to take into consideration while making a car purchase is the ex-showroom price. Once you have decided the model you wish to purchase, you may research on the ex-showroom price of the vehicle. Ex-showroom price is the amount that the dealer pays the manufacturer for that specific car, along with the applicable tax.Having knowledge about the ex-showroom price will help you get the best price.

  1. Deals and rebates offered

You may visit numerous dealers and request multiple quotes. You may then shortlist the dealer offering the most competitive price. You may also negotiate the quoted price in order to get the best deal. This will help you save a significant amount of money.

  1. Warranty

It is important to have complete knowledge about the warranty offered by the manufacturer. You may seek extended warranty in case you wish additional protection for your car.

  1. Insurance

As per a report by the Transport Research under Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, over 4,80,652 accidents took place in the year 2016. Buying insurance on car has therefore become more than necessary. Such a plan not only offers protection for the lives and property damaged during the accident, but also mitigates the financial impact caused to third party. You may compare various car insurance plans available in the market and choose the best one.


  1. Paperwork

Apart from insurance, it is also necessary that other paperwork is in place. This includes vehicle registration. Documents to be submitted for vehicle registration include a passport-sized photograph, identity proof, and proof of residence.

While buying your car, you may also consider other aspects like mileage, resale value, availability of spare parts, maintenance costs, and location of local service centers, among others. Doing so will help you make a well-informed purchase decision.



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