7 Tips for Lighting For Your Event

What really makes an event go from light hearted to plain spectacular is the lighting. An often overlooked aspect of event planning, the lighting of an event is essential, in the creation of the mood and the aesthetics of the space as well.

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Since the lighting is crucial for a visual masterpiece, here are 7 ways to make your event sparkle!

  1. Use LEDs for Your Lighting:

LED technology has completely changed the ways of lighting, making it an invaluable option for your event. Here are a few reasons why you must choose LEDs for your event:

LEDs are longer lasting as they are 10 times more efficient than the tungsten bulbs and are more efficient in their electricity consumption as well. LEDs last hundreds of hours longer while emitting less heat.

You can control your lighting plays an important role in creating an aesthetic. The ‘intelligent’ head, who employs controllable motorscan move around your lights dramatically.

Another important light idea is the usage of pixel mapping, particularly when it is sent through image source material. The sixteen LED tile projected a singular pixel in a huge image!

Make your audience dance with the the Moving heads, inadvertently making it a truly groovy night.

Animated Effects: Your light show and the visual effects are always complemented with animation!  Your LEDs lighting operator desks can also perform real time editing, once again making the video effects a must have in your party!

With the choice of electrical appliances out of the way, here are a few other ideas to keep in mind when planning your lighting:

  1. Choose colour! There is really nothing like a colourful light show, as the visuals truly do all the talking. Make sure you choose good quality lighting that can be play with the graduation, subtlety and of course, pizazz! Colour also provides depth, and the illusion of space to your event!
  2. Illumination is Crucial: There is a certain speciality in illuminated spaces, and one can never go wrong with an subtle classy white light bar! This illumination, created by a cleverly created lighted glass, allows for it to provide a distinguished and unique look for your event! Make sure to try out different colours to help enhance the look of the bar as well!
  3. Spotlighting! What is a better way to light up your event, than a couple of spotlights to provide humour to your space! By using spotlights, you are not only efficient in energy saving and costs, but also being flexible in creating emphasis and laughter in your event! Spotlights can also vary in colour and intensity, allowing you to truly set the mood for your event!
  4. Go Gobo! if you are looking to try out funky lighting, the old fashioned gobo is your dearest friend. A true kaleidoscope of lights and colours, you can use your gobo (pre cut etched patterns made from glass or metal) to give you an artistic finish, boosting your aesthetics to another level!

As you do go on to decide the aesthetics and technicalities for your lighting, the first and foremost contemplation should be about the very mood and ideation of you event.

  1. Ask Yourself The Right Questions!

Before choosing any of these themes, make some hard decisions of our events. With so many new options, there are many questions you have to answer before creating your perfect event. Choose your moods, your content that needs emphasis and even your colour palette to make your event the way you want it!

  1. Keep Your Event Real

Finally, make sure your event does not merely dazzle, but actually allows the audience to enjoy the content you wish to disclose to them. This is your night and not your lights’, so make it count for you! Go ‘old school’ and use white lights if the LEDs are too flashy. Make the event only about your focus, that could maybe use a little aesthetic appreciation. Remember, don’t go overboard!

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