7 Ways Your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Works for You


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With the increase in population and the increasing traffic, if you ask any city-dweller about the most convenient and efficient way to travel, his/her answer will be definitely a two-wheeler. Along with the convenience, it is important to keep the safety factor also in mind. Accidents are unpredictable but financial safety comes from the insurance plan you have enrolled yourself in for your two wheeler. The two wheeler insurance plan (comprehensive plan) will cover all the mishaps that your bike might face in the course of its life. According to the law, every bike owner needs to have at least a third-party insurance plan.


If you have not taken a plan already and looking for a new one right now, there are two types of insurance plan available for you in the market. Based on your need and from the driving history from the past, you can choose one of the following.

● Comprehensive policy – These policies provide protections against all kinds of damages caused by fire, flood, and natural calamities. In case of any accident, this insurance plan will cover the damages to the rider and also for the damages to the third party

● Third-party insurance policy – These policies cover only the damages caused to the third party. The plan will not provide any coverages to the damages to your bike.


The bike insurance policy can help you benefit in 7 ways.


● Zero financial stress – If you have covered your two wheeler with a comprehensive bike insurance policy, there will be little or no financial stress in case of damages or accidents.

● Legal protection – If you are driving on the Indian roads, you need to have a two wheeler insurance plan ready. Failing to show the insurance proof might cause additional financial stress.

● Personal accident cover – If you have chosen the right plan for you, the bike insurance will cover for disabilities due to accidents.

● No Claim Bonus (NCB) – If you have not raised a claim during the year, you will be given bonus on the renewal process.

● Add-on covers – Although the insurance coverages will not cover everything you expect it to, you can add covers on top of the existing plan to have additional benefits.

● Protection against manmade and natural calamities – All two wheeler insurance plans cover damages related to natural calamities and accidents.

● Peace of mind – Adversities and mishaps are unavoidable. If you have an insurance plan ready with you, you will no longer be worried about the coverages you might need to pay for your bike’s maintenance as the insurance company will take care of everything.


You can purchase a two wheeler insurance both online and offline. Online 2 wheeler insurance is easy to purchase as you get a chance to compare the available insurance plans and enroll into one as soon as you decide.

● Convenient renewal – Along with the convenient buying option, the two wheeler insurance policies also provides a convenient renewal option through Online 2 wheeler insurance.

● Cashless treatment – At any point in time, of you are insured with a two wheeler insurance plan that offers cashless treatment, you need not pay the amount directly to the garage. The insurance company and the garage will look in to the issue themselves.

● Switching benefits – If you do not like an insurance plan, you can change your decision and switch to any other plan you may like.



If you are planning to buy a bike, plan to compare the 2 wheeler insurance online and choose the best one for your bike to avoid financial losses.





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