8 Reasons Long-Term Drug Treatment Might Be Necessary for Recovery

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Many Colorado detox centers offer both short and long-term treatment programs for drug addiction. An assessment will tell whether you need more extended treatment to address the particulars of your addiction. Below are eight reasons that a more prolonged stay is better for some clients.

Detrimental Effects of Rushing Treatment for Some Clients

The time needed to recover from addiction is not anything measurable on a quantitative scale. It will take same individuals longer than others to break free and feel strong enough to continue sobriety. Trying to rush through treatment is a recipe for failure at many levels. The determining factors for sufficient length of time vary for each. You need to find a treatment center that can look at your specific situation and help determine the program that will bring you the best chance for success.

Multiple Treatment Failures

Entering a drug treatment program a few times and not meeting with success can be a sign you have not attended a program that is long enough to suit your addiction level. Short-term programs are attractive in that it takes very little time to complete, but are not compatible with every type and level of addiction. It might meet with greater success to explore the possibilities of longer treatment times. It is better to move slowly and break free of addiction than to cycle through a variety of programs continually.

Complete Relapse After Periods of Successful Recovery

The risk of relapse is a reality for anyone recovering from drug addiction. Brief periods of relapse and being able to get back on track are not unexpected, but the disappointment that follows a serious long-term relapse after successful recovery can set your enthusiasm in low gear. It is time to look at lengthening treatment and reaching goals using a slower pace. You may need more time to adjust to sobriety and additional help in developing coping mechanisms for cravings. It might take months where others can get it done in weeks. Everyone is an individual.

Co-Existing Mental Health Problem

Mental health problems that require separate treatment with medications can alter the time it takes to complete drug rehabilitation programs. Both issues have to be equally addressed and monitored for a successful outcome. A need to self-medicate for symptoms of a mental health disorder can create drug addictions. Controlling these symptoms through proper medications can take time. It is all done at the same time you are undergoing detox and partaking in counseling for the drug addiction. It can seem overwhelming if not done at a slower pace.

Multiple Substance Abuse

Being addicted to multiple substances can complicate the treatment and recovery process. It can make the detox plan more difficult, but it is possible to successfully break free of addictions to more than one drug at a time. You need to have a team of experienced treatment members that understand the complexities of multiple drug addictions. It may take a little longer, but you can be on your way to recovering within months.

Extreme and Extended Drug Use

The longer drugs are taken and the higher the amounts, the longer it will take to safely detox and get on the road to recovery. The quantities of drugs used and frequency is taken into account when formulating the initial treatment plan. It is hard on the body to detox too quickly from some drugs, especially when frequently used in high amounts.

Complete Health Depletion

When taxing the body from ongoing drug use, it needs time to heal. You need time to grow stronger to stick with sobriety. You need the right type of nutrition, vitamin intake, hydration, and exercise to help promote better health. It is a necessary part of recovery. Serious neglect of your health can make the treatment time longer.

Creating an Emotional Balance

Making significant changes in your life can knock you off balance. Entering drug treatment is a great change to make, but it can still be emotionally trying. You will feel periods of stress and anxiety. It is sometimes better to opt for a longer treatment program if you think you might have emotional problems adjusting to the change. Professional counseling will help identify areas to reduce anxiety and stress. It can make the transition easier.

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