About effective ways to use LinkedIn to connect with people

About effective ways to use LinkedIn to connect with people

With 106 million active users, the relevance of LinkedIn is beyond question. The social business network is a must for anyone working in digital industries.May be you are using another social business network, and do not want to use a second social business network. The truth is, LinkedIn has a lot more free features. Many marketers are still underestimating LinkedIn’s power and reach.To get the most out of LinkedIn, we’ll explain the most important known features of the social network to connect with people.

Why LinkedIn is useful?

LinkedIn can be combined with various applications, and used in a wide range – from the address book to a complete CRM solution (for example, in the HR or recruiting area). Every 2 seconds someone joins LinkedIn, and it is that both professionals, and companies that want to expand their horizons and obtain specialized content use it. To be successful on this platform, you must optimize the reach and quality of your network of contacts.

Communication with a contact in first grade

The simplest of all, here to send a message to any of the people in your network of contacts follow these steps – go to the profile of your direct contact. Under the description, select “Message” and a window will appear to write your message, in which you can also add photographs, documents and GIFS, as you deem appropriate. And ready.

Show your work samples

Especially when you are looking for a job or, working with clients, it makes sense to upload sample works as video, picture, document or link. Just insert your premium samples in the summary, education or experience section of your profile, and showcase your masterpieces.You can also optimize your profile for the search engine on LinkedIn. Use important terms that you want to rank in your profile. They are easier to find when someone searches for the topics you specialize in. More reach means more visits.

Establish links with second-degree contacts

Add valuable, and interesting contacts to your social networks is extremely important to promote your work or offer. This platform is not the exception, since it allows you to send messages to contacts in the second degree, that is, those that you have in common with your direct list. To do so, follow this procedure – locate the desired contact and go to their profile. In your biography, you will see below the description, three options: «Connect», «InMail» and «More». In this case, press the “Connect” option, and a window to personalize the message will appear. Of course, it is recommended to add a short text to connect properly with the user, inviting him to join your network for X reason. Once they accept your invitation, you can communicate with your new contact through the “Message” window.

Communicate with third-grade contacts

LinkedIn allows you to connect with this type of contacts in a simple way, following these steps – visit the profile of the user to whom you wish to send your message. Make sure your name and both surnames show up perfectly. Then, using the “Connect” button, you can write your message as explained in the previous points. However, sometimes you will probably only see his name and first name. In this case, you will not be able to send an invitation message, but you can use the “InMail” option to communicate with that particular user (as long as you have the platform’s premium option.) You can get a 30-day free trial.

Sending messages to members of a particular group

This social network allows you to create groups of a specific topic, to share opinions, information and news. Take this opportunity to communicate with other members as follows – enter the group and go to the “Members” section and click on the respective hyperlink. Then, you will see in detail who the members are. On the right side of your name and avatar is the option of “Message”, represented by an air envelope. In this option, you can write your message without leaving the group at any time and without using “In Mail”. If you want to expand your network, seek to join those groups that match the interest of connecting with new professionals, and the topics associated with your profession.

Message to someone who does not belong to your network?

At some point, you will need to send a message to a user who does not belong to your network to any degree. Do not worry, since there is also a solution for this – visit the profile of the user in question. Although you will not see the blue “Connect” button, you can send a message through the “InMail” option. Remember also that this is a Premium feature of this social network. If the user accepts you, send a personalized message thanking you for agreeing to connect with you, trying to start a conversation.

Stay informed through the news feed

News from your network on LinkedIn is a bit like the newsfeed on Facebook. Here you can see the most important information about your contacts or groups. Like Facebook, you can decide what you want to see. At the top right you will see three horizontally arranged points. Give your visitors a clean profile so that you can be reached to the maximum audiences.

Conclusion: The importance of messages in social networks

After knowing the procedure, remember that communication in this digital medium in particular is essential to expand your network and find new job opportunities and business exchanges. Therefore, the clarity and quality of the message you send will determine the result. It is not enough just to greet a person, but to make you notice your objective and professional interest in connecting with it. For this purpose, short and personalized messages work very well in this network. LinkedIn allows you to send messages to virtually any user. Although the form varies, the objective will always be the same – to establish cordial relations with people who have professional interests complementary to yours. Expand your network today.

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