Appreciating the Freedom of Automobile Ownership

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There are very few things that are as liberating or as invigorating as owning your own automobile. When a person owns their own automobile, they are able to travel where they want when they want and with who they want. Prior to owning an automobile, many people are limited in where they can go by the schedule of public transportation, the goodwill of friends and family, or by how far they can travel by foot.

However, when a person has their own car, the sky is the limit. If they want to go to the grocery store and buy something as trivial as a pack of gum, they can go, even if the grocery store is on the other side of the city.

Proof that people value the freedom that they get when they have their own automobile can be seen in the way that people treat their automobiles. When a person gets their first automobile, it really doesn’t matter if it’s an expensive car or a hand-me-down car that they got from a relative. They will treat that car like gold. This is because this new car represents a new level of freedom that they did not have when they did not own the automobile.

It is not uncommon to see an individual who has a relatively cheap automobile be very particular about who they allow to enter their vehicle. They are focused on keeping the automobile clean. They are particular about the car wash that they use. They will often know more about the different car washes in the city than individuals who specialize in car wash maintenance California repair.

Of course, the freedom that comes with owning a car is tempered by the added expense that car ownership entails. In addition to purchasing gasoline, a person needs to be concerned about automobile repairs, maintenance, and upkeep. However, many new car owners do these things gladly because they view the price they pay to keep their automobile on the road as minimal when compared to the freedom that automobile ownership allows them.

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