Art and Automobile: Find out what’s new in BMW ‘s14th Art Car launched in India


Displayed at the India Art Fair 2019 in New Delhi, it’s a rolling sculpture—scorching, if I may add. The BMW 850 CSi—the 14th BMW Art Car, created by British artist David Hockney in 1995—narrates the bond between the driver and the vehicle.

Hockney has turned the 850 CSi inside out—putting the technology of the BMW on the outside. For example, on the bonnet, Hockney has painted parts of the engine—big grey cylinders and round intake manifolds. He stretches stylised tyre treads, painted in black on white, far beyond wheel arches, as if you are looking down through the metal from above.

Also, there is an X-ray view of the interior of the car. For example, on the driver’s side, there is a silhouette of a human figure in black and white. Behind the driver’s silhouette is a white dog in an upright position, who appears to be looking over the driver’s shoulder.

BMW Art Cars combine artistic expression and automobile design. Since 1975, 19 global artists have created Art Cars based on contemporary BMW cars, all offering a range of artistic interpretations. Most of these are on display at the BMW Museum in Munich. The remaining travel the globe—to exhibitions such as the India Art Fair. BMW Art Cars are not for sale; they form part of BMW’s cultural engagement. However, small replicas of these cars can be bought.

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