7 Tips for Lighting For Your Event

What really makes an event go from light hearted to plain spectacular is the lighting. An often overlooked aspect of event planning, the lighting of an event is essential, in the creation of the mood and the aesthetics of the space as well. Since the lighting is crucial for a visual masterpiece, here are 7 […]


Three Ways To Have Soft Hair

Soft, silky, shiny and healthy hair is what we all yearn for. But it takes a little extra effort to achieve what we want. And when it comes to hair care, it is important to follow few steps in order to get the desired results. Excessive use of shampoo, hair products and being out in […]

Horse Shelters Benefit Horse Health

Horses need care as well. Just as we need shelter from elements of nature like snow, rain and extreme heat, horses also need shelter from these elements to stay physically healthy. Hence, if you own a horse, you should start considering building a horse shelter. A horse shelter is also important if you want to […]

Four Tips to get most out of EMI Shielding

EMI shielding has emerged to lessen the number of electromagnetic interferences caused by incoming and outgoing electrical radiations. Electromagnetic shielding is applied on electronics to prevent them from damages caused by different frequencies of electromagnetic waves. Without EMI shielding, many of the electrical gadgets and electronics will become unsafe and unusable. Hence, electromagnetic shielding is […]