How to Avoid the 6 Common Cosmetic Dentistry Mistakes

Whether you are a relatively new dentist getting into the field or a patient looking to get some work done, there are mistakes to be aware of in cosmetic dentistry. For the benefit of both the dentists and the patients, the six most common mistakes will be laid out next.

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Too Much Work

As a dentist who is just starting out, it is common to take up too much work without even realizing it, but that’s a recipe for disaster. Your reputation is more important than anything as an upcoming professional, so keep your patient count to a minimum and concentrate on them so that your work is as good as it possibly can be. Refer the rest to other professionals in the field and you will also be building rapport with them. If you are a patient, ask the dentist directly about how busy he/she is, although, it should be apparent from the schedule itself. If you think that a clinic or a dentist is taking up more work than they can possibly handle, it might be wise to consult another dentist with better resources and patient management system. After all, cosmetic dentistry is delicate work and if the dentist is hurrying too much with it, mistakes are likely to happen.

Unrealistic Promises

Making promises that you can’t fulfill is a common and grave mistake to commit for a dentist, especially when it concerns a cosmetic job. If the patient finds that the job done is not up to the expectations, at the very least, you will lose a patient and in extreme cases, getting sued is not out of the realms of possibility either. Communication should be clear, and the expectations should be set according to the dentist’s abilities and the merit of the case in question. As a patient, if the promises seem too good to be true and the dentist in question doesn’t have enough credentials to back up those claims, it’s probably best to get a few more consultations before committing to the procedure.

The Ignored Gums

A mistake that only inexperienced dentists make concerns the gums of the patient. A perfect smile begins with having perfectly aligned, bright white teeth, but it doesn’t end with that. The gums could also be misaligned or discolored and ignoring the tissue means that the cosmetic job won’t look as complete or good either. As a result, the patient might have to go in for a gum contouring surgery separately, which could have been completed easily with the first cosmetic job. Consult a periodontist if you need to but get it done as soon as possible. The patient on the other hand, should discuss this point before actually going in for the dental procedure. Ask your dentist to take care of any asymmetrical gum tissue at the same time as the tooth restoration, because while it may cost extra, it will save you a lot of pain and provide you with the look you want.

Matching Shades

When the tooth that is supposed to be restored is in an esthetic zone, it could be hard to match it with the rest of the teeth around it. This is why a lot of inexperienced dentists get it wrong or would not take the risk of restoring just one or two teeth at a time. Because of that, overtreatment (unnecessary restoration of multiple teeth) is a definite risk here that patients should be aware of. A dentist that takes the time and effort necessary to have proper shade photos is a good dentist.

Wrong Diagnosis

Lack of experience may lead the dentist to diagnose his/her patient erroneously and if that happens, it’s a waste of time, effort, money and even oral health. This is why, it is very important for a fairly inexperienced dentist to take his/her time before reaching a conclusion about the diagnosis. Consultations from orthodontists and other experienced dentists can also be useful in complicated situations. Find out why there is inflammation on the gingiva or if the stains on the person’s teeth are actually a result of a previously botched up cosmetic procedure. As a medical professional, a dentist cannot let his/her enthusiasm come in the way of professionalism.

Choosing the Wrong Technician

Unless the dentist is working with a quality technician, the quality of the veneers will suffer and so will his/her reputation and the final result of the dental job. Porcelain veneers do take a good deal of craftsmanship to make, so the skills of the artist are important here.

Hopefully the above tips will help new dentists out a bit, but as a patient, you should not have to worry about so many details in the first place. Besides, if a medical professional advises something with confidence, it’s very hard for the general public to nitpick at it. This is why it is always better to stick to a reputed, experienced and well-staffed dental clinic such as the Perfect Smile Spa. They offer all cosmetic and general dental services currently available within the reach of modern dental science, in addition to complete facial rejuvenation procedures with a pain-free guarantee.


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