Looking to Buy a Second-Hand Car? Here’s a List of All the Avenues You Should Check

  (Source: The demand for second-hand cars has increased for several reasons. The affordable cost, low rate of depreciation, warranty, and less insurance premium are some factors driving the demand for such cars. These days the pre-owned vehicles are available in good condition, thereby reducing the maintenance cost. When you opt for a used […]

The new Lotus Elise Cup 250 combines purity with power

  Punching well above its weight, the new Lotus Elise Cup 250 offers a scintillating blend of purity of purpose with performance at the apex of the recently revised Elise range. Supercharged, lightweight and distilled from Lotus’ extensive motorsport know-how, the new model packs 243bhp into a chassis designed to deliver the benchmark in responsive handling and […]

10 Vehicles That Prove Ford Performance Is Top Tier

A few years ago, Ford brought all of its performance divisions from around the world under one umbrella. The result was Ford Performance, and its continually evolving lineup has been nothing short of spectacular. The Blue Oval — that pillar of Detroit that was selling Tempos, Aerostars, and Escorts just a generation ago — is now selling some […]