Despite the various options available, many users still don’t understand the importance of backing up and protecting their data. Taking a backup of your data is very critical. Choosing the right backup option comes next. Around every 1 in 3 people have faced the regret and realization after their important data is lost. Computers aren’t […]

Beginner’s guide to Mining (Bitcoins)

Bitcoins have evolved from massive digitization of the resources that money can be. From being accepted as the world’s most digitised currency, it also bears within itself, the power to make transactions happen from peer-to-peer, as it does not require a central bank or a power of authority running this entire block chain system. Following […]

How to File an OSHA Complaint

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a branch of the federal government concerned with the health and safety of workers of all types. Better known as OSHA, it is the branch responsible for investigating claims filed by workers and the one that issues penalties to employers. Some people think they can only file a […]

Google Helps Communicate Japan’s Craftsmanship to the World

A collaboration between US company Google Inc. and university students in Kyoto has created a website to introduce Japan’s craftworks to the world. The website (g.co/madeinjapan) currently features about 140 traditional craftwork items from the nation’s 47 prefectures in Japanese and English. The list includes Nishijin brocade from Kyoto Prefecture and Arita porcelain ware from Saga […]