When You Should Avoid Transferring a Website 

Transferring a website is sometimes necessary or beneficial but there a few specific times when the process should be avoided. Learning how to avoid website transfers at inopportune times can help protect your site registration and ownership, website traffic, costs, and server uptime. There are several technological and administrative factors to consider when transferring a […]

How To Best Code Your New Website 

There are no shortage of options when it comes to coding a new website. You can start with little or no knowledge of coding and make use of website-building software tools, or you can your own website from scratch by writing all of the code yourself. After reviewing the different paths to making a new […]

5 Design Principles for SaaS Landing Pages

Landing pages are magical when it comes to conversions. Some SaaS companies are getting upwards of 30% conversion rates while some can’t even manage to cross the 5% mark. What leads to this huge gap? The answer is simple- following the principles. The sites that follow the principles and put UX in mind, convert better […]

Convenient Fully Automated Blinds

If you haven’t experienced the convenience and practicality of fully automated window and bi-fold door blinds you are missing out. These blinds employ easy to use cutting edge technology, can be operated singly or simultaneously and are fitted with accurate sun and temperature sensors. Automated blinds represent the future and were popular at this year’s […]

How IoT will affect the work of medical institutions

  Before the companies that are working on the introduction of this technology, a number of advantageous opportunities are opened, but, in addition, they face a lot of problems, namely:   How to ensure the confidentiality and security of data processed by devices   These two components are especially important for every successful system. But […]


Despite the various options available, many users still don’t understand the importance of backing up and protecting their data. Taking a backup of your data is very critical. Choosing the right backup option comes next. Around every 1 in 3 people have faced the regret and realization after their important data is lost. Computers aren’t […]