China to Launch Its First Micro-Gravity Satellite in April

China is set to launch its first micro-gravity experimental satellite in April, a media report said on Friday. The Shijian-10 satellite arrived at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in northwest Gansu province on Wednesday, ahead of its scheduled launch, the People’s Daily reported. The Shijian-10 is the first micro-gravity experimental satellite in China designed for conducting […]

How to Tell Google Apart From Alphabet

Did you know that Google doesn’t actually work on driverless cars? That’s right. In fact, that’s technically an Alphabet project. Alpha-who? you might ask. Well, when Google underwent a big corporate restructuring last year, it spun off a number of its experimental projects into separate companies. Then it put all those companies, including Google, under […]

Trello Announces Power-Ups Platform With Support for Zendesk, Giphy, and More

Trello, a popular Web-based project management application, has just gotten more powerful. The company has announced Power-Ups Platform, a feature that enables the service to fetch information from outside sources. Some of the services that it currently supports include Zendesk, SurveyMonkey, and Giphy. Trello announced on Monday the Power-Ups Platform. The feature gleans information and […]

Minecraft: Education Edition Announced

Popular open-world game Minecraft will be available in classrooms from this summer. Dubbed Minecraft: Education Edition, it’s a special version of the game that’s been customised for ease of use in a classroom setting. Additions include enhanced maps with coordinates to let students and teachers find their way easily, a portfolio feature to let students […]

Windows 10 Surpasses 200 Million Installations Worldwide

At a media event in October, Microsoft announced that Windows 10, its newest desktop operating system, had surpassed 110 million installations worldwide – after its launch at the end of July. According to a new report, the install count is now well over 200 million. The achievement, if valid, comes roughly five months after the release of Windows 10. There are […]