History’s Deadliest Pandemic Diseases

  You might have read about various types of diseases on My NCERT Solutions. But you probably haven’t heard of these deadly pandemic diseases. But first, a little jargon bursting. The term “pandemic” means something (especially a disease) that has spread across a large area, multiple continents or possibly, the whole world. And diseases cannot […]

Benefits of Blockchain for Bettering Education

Blockchain technology has shown its massive potential for making the world a better place. Through the philanthropic and humanitarian work of individuals working collaboratively and cooperatively, blockchain has revolutionized many industries, inspired a wide range of companies, and has led to social goods. One has only to research ICO reports to get a glimpse into […]

Benefits Of Technology In The Learning Process

  Presently, technology has become an integral part of our everyday life. In the education sector also, technology is playing a major role. With the advancement of technology, the education is not only limited to writing boards and teachers. With technology-integrated learning, education is now a lot more student-centric, engaging, and efficient. There are numerous […]

Smart ways to pay off education loan

Role of Education loan A good education is the dream of all citizens and their families. The state accords primacy to education by making it free up to high school. From then onwards, students have to manage their own education by enrolling in various colleges and universities. But, cost of education is going up and […]