Opinion | A systemic approach to reforming education

Despite enormous and well-meaning efforts, we have not delivered quality learning outcomes to Indian children. Concerted efforts like the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, and initiatives like mid-day meals have ensured that we have solved the problem of access to school education for our children. With gross enrolment crossing 100%, the focus has appropriately shifted to improving […]

History’s Deadliest Pandemic Diseases

  You might have read about various types of diseases on My NCERT Solutions. But you probably haven’t heard of these deadly pandemic diseases. But first, a little jargon bursting. The term “pandemic” means something (especially a disease) that has spread across a large area, multiple continents or possibly, the whole world. And diseases cannot […]

Benefits of Blockchain for Bettering Education

Blockchain technology has shown its massive potential for making the world a better place. Through the philanthropic and humanitarian work of individuals working collaboratively and cooperatively, blockchain has revolutionized many industries, inspired a wide range of companies, and has led to social goods. One has only to research ICO reports to get a glimpse into […]