White 2 Cctv Camera Mounted on Black Post Under Clear Blue Sky

Future of Home Automation

Technology has penetrated every aspect of our lives today. Be it work or leisure, the new and upcoming technological advances have made our jobs a lot easier and also changed the way we relax and have fun. The rise and spread of the internet is the catalyst that has brought about the developments fuelling something […]

An apple a day keeps diabetes away

Add fresh fruits to your diet if you want to get rid of diabetes. You may want to add fresh fruits to your diet as according to a recent study, the greater the consumption, the lower is the incidence of diabetes, as well as occurrence of complications in diabetics. Although the health benefits of diets […]

Early Sleep Problems Can Lead to Pain Later in Life

Sleep problems in young adults, especially women, are significantly linked to chronic pain and even worsening pain severity over time, researchers report. Overall, 38 percent of young adults with severe sleep problems at initial evaluation had chronic pain at follow-up, compared with 14 percent of those without initial sleep problems. Early identification and treatment of […]

Healthy Tips For Boost Women’s Health

Women’s health concerns are a little different from those of men. If you’re a woman, these tips will soon have you feeling fit and energetic. Here are six simple things that women can do every day (or with regularity) to ensure good health: 1: Eat a healthy diet. “You want to eat as close to a natural […]

Upending daily rhythm triggers fat cell growth

New research may help explain why chronic stress, sleep deprivation and other disruptions in the body’s daily rhythms are linked to obesity. Chronic exposure to stress hormones stimulates growth of fat cells, Mary Teruel of Stanford University reported December 16 at the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology. Normally, stress hormones, such […]