Convenient Fully Automated Blinds

If you haven’t experienced the convenience and practicality of fully automated window and bi-fold door blinds you are missing out. These blinds employ easy to use cutting edge technology, can be operated singly or simultaneously and are fitted with accurate sun and temperature sensors.

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Automated blinds represent the future and were popular at this year’s Ideal Home Exhibition. They are the solution which outperforms traditional blinds and curtains and offer enhanced security. Designers appreciate that whilst the humble curtain and manually operated blinds will always have supporters, the ability to move blinds without reaching up, stretching in to a corner or getting tangled with the cord holds increasing allure for many.

Don’t worry. If you’re wondering whether the fully automated blinds will baffle you, the answer is no. These are customer friendly, child safe window solutions. They’ll soon become indispensable to you.

The blinds utilise the same principle as smart technology devices so learning how to operate them is not as daunting as you may think. Control the blinds via an app, remote control or home automated system with confidence. You don’t need to be on the property to do this; if you’re stuck in traffic, away for the night, a business closed for a public holiday or on a well-earned overseas break you can instruct the blind from the car, hotel, poolside, even from a continent away.

This gives the illusion that someone is on the property when it is empty, instantly increasing security. A potential burglar cannot be certain whether there are residents or staff within the property and they won’t take the risk.

Take advantage of the sun sensors; as the position of the sun or the weather changes, you can move your blinds. Similarly, when the temperature sensors register an increase the blinds will close to cool the room. What could be more efficient?

You have a range of cost effective and stylish options to choose from; fully automated window blinds are available in Roman, vertical, roller and Venetian forms and they can expertly be configured for roof windows. Whatever your tastes, space limitations or budget, there is a practical solution available to all.

Fully automated blinds are energy efficient. A battery charge of 24 hours directed to the blinds via a 3 pin charger results in 5-7 months of power, A rechargeable battery and charger are provided by the blind company at the time of installation.

Please ensure that you work with a highly rated fully automated window blinds installer who offer guarantees for peace of mind.

Where can you find a leading local expert? Why not try Smart Blinds, a family run company with showrooms in Thatcham and Caversham. They have over 20 years of trading experience, provide affordable, attractive and practical blinds, free measuring and fitting and the team prides itself on the superior levels of customer service and excellent reviews.

To learn more about fully automated blinds with integrated sun sensors and temperature sensors please contact Smart Blind’s specialists today.

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