Conveyor Belt- Back to Basics

Conveyor belt is generally something, which consists of a belt and a combination of pulleys to move heavy materials or materials in a broader aspect, from one end of a factory to the other end of the factory. So, in general, there are two points in a conveyor belt, one is called the feed point, where the materials or loaded or feeded on to the conveyor belt, and the second is called the tail point, where the material is unloaded from the conveyor belt. It works on the basic principle of moving heavy items without the help of manual labor from one end of a facility to the other. Now, in the recent times, there are many types of conveyor belts which are used in factories. In this article, we will know a bit more about conveyor belts.


Now, the product is broadly classified in to two categories which are strictly industrial. The first is, general material handlers and the other is bulk material handlers. It is very clear from the name what each of them are meant for. The first one, general material handler is basically used to load and send through box or crates of items from one end of the factory to the other. The second type, or the bulk material handler are used to move heavy items or heavy crates of items such as grain, coal or salt.

Application and Efficiency

Primarily, conveyor belts were introduced in industries to lower manual labor. It was introduced primarily to move heavy items from one end of the factory to the other. In the modern days, conveyor belts are fully automated, and it also helps in distribution of items from the warehouse. When conveyor belts are used in association with a computer, then it can also be used as a distribution tool, which helps in efficient manufacturing, retail and wholesale distribution.

The Rubber Type

Sometimes, conveyor belts are covered with a rubber membrane on it. These rubber type conveyor belts are generally used to move around bulky items, or sometimes is used for items which are very small and is at a risk of falling down from the belts.


Nowadays, there is a new type of a conveyor belt, which has got curved edges. These curved edges actually help to move items through curved sections. These belts are generally seen in post offices and airports where bags and baggage are moved around the airport through these belts.

Conveyor belts are very popular in today’s world. From industry to other commercial sectors, conveyor belt plays an integral role in every sector. And this is not just because of the different types of conveyor belts that are available in the market. It is also because of the economical perspective that it serves. The best thing about a conveyor belt is it is also very durable. Since, these are made out of high standard belts, which actually signifies that no matter how much the belt is used, the probability of wear and tear is less.

There are other applications of conveyor belts as well. They are used in security checkouts in every station or airports, where the bags go in through a belt, and is checked by a scanner and comes out through the other end.

Simply put, conveyor belts are used in every sector today and is an integral part of a business. If you want to order a conveyor belt, consider Rainbow Precision Products, who are front runners in this business. Contact them to know more.

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