Data Recovery Software: The Perfect Recovery Solution For Your Problem

EaseUS Data recovery software has been one of the top most recovery software available today. It has been particularly popular due to its peculiar features, and support for almost all secondary devices. The software offers effective and efficient tools, right at the disposal of the user, along with an interactive interface.

The software is able to recover data from certain situations such as OS crash, system crash, hard disk crash, lost partition, virus attack, malware, recycle bin recovery, corrupted drives etc. It extends support to multiple storage devices, including external HDD, CD/DVDs, flash drives, iPod, media player, Mp4 player, pen drive etc. The software recover a number of files including music, video, email, document and compressed files.

The software is able to recover files due to data remnants, which are left in the disk when a file is deleted. These remnants are found by the software and are then used to reconstruct the desired file. In order to do this, the software makes use of two scanning modes, which are as follows:

  • Quick Scan Mode

The quick scan mode is a faster mode, which is aimed at bringing immediate results. The mode lasts for a few minutes, and it quickly scans the disk for data remnants, left by recently deleted files, or files which have been emptied from the recycle bin.

  • Deep Scan Mode

Deep scan mode is a more advanced mode, which puts more emphasis on retrieving more results. To do this, it runs a full analysis of the disk, retrieving all data remnants, constructing all deleted files and even scanning the hidden, system and inaccessible files. In order to do all this, this mode takes a much longer time than normal.

After each of the mode are completed, a set of results based on the scan are showed. People can choose to recover from these results, or continue with the scanning procedure. When the final results are showed, the user can choose to recover multiple files at once.

Additional Features

The user can also import or export to avoid scanning again and again. The data recovery software also offers a preview option for people who are not sure about the file name that they wish to recover. The person can view the contents of the file even before recovering it. Moreover, the user also has the option to filter the results according to the file type, or search using the file name.

All in all, EaseUS Data recovery software is a one-in-all package for people who have lost their files and are in a great worry. The software is readily available at the official website of the company. It is available in four different packages, which are Free, Pro, Pro+WinPE, Technical. Each of these packages have their own benefits over the other, and the first package, which is free, can be used to have a glimpse of the software’s true capability free of cost.

So if you are someone who has lost some important files, which are due for a meeting or any other purpose, this is the perfect free data recovery software for you to try.

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