Essential Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Your Windows

Even though the windows of your house make up for one of the most durable structures on your property, there is no doubt to the fact that they need regular cleaning and maintenance to be functional for a prolonged period of time.

Listed below is an enumeration of simple and easy-to-follow maintenance tips for your windows that can be followed by all homeowners.

Cleaning The Frames

Cleaning the frames of your windows is oftentimes a rather tricky situation. If you have any dirt or accumulated debris on your window frames, you can wash it off with a mild solution of nonabrasive soap and water in a proportionate ratio. Make sure that you never use any abrasive cleaners or any cleaning product that has acidic properties as it could corrode the finish of the frame of your windows. Many times, this damage is permanent and you would have to either repair or replace the entire frame. This would contribute to unnecessary repair costs that you can easily avoid. Make sure to test the cleaning product in a smaller area first to ensure that it would not have any damaging effects on your frames. When you are done cleaning the frames with your desired solution, wipe it dry with a clean cotton cloth.

Cleaning The Glass

Usually, most homeowners opt for energy efficient glasses or customized glasses that are available in the market today for residential windows. However standardized the quality of your window glasses might be, they do necessitate a certain degree of maintenance and cleaning on the regular. For this purpose, you would have to take a solution of mild dish soap and water and mix it together to form a cleaning solution. This solution can be used to wipe any dirt or debris off of the surface of the glass components with the help of a clean, lint-free cloth. Once you are done wiping the glass surface with this cleaning solution, you can rinse the window surface with clean water and wipe it dry with a soft cotton cloth.
Moreover, you have to be certain to abstain from using products that might be detrimental to the surface of the glass components or even damage the insulating seal. These products would be inclusive of Petroleum-based cleaners, shape objects such as razor blades, putty knives, or abrasive pads, acidic or caustic chemicals, and pressure washers or high-pressure hoses.

Maintaining Your Window Screens

Window screens tend to accumulate elements such as dust, pollen, debris, and the like. To keep your window screens free from search unwanted elements, you can clean them using a mild soap, water, and a brush with soft bristles. Once you are done cleaning the surface of the screens with this cleaning solution, you can rinse it with clear water and wipe it down with a lint-free cloth. If you have a layer of dust on your screen that is sticky or if you have a surface of lint on it even after cleaning, you can use a sticky lint roller and use it to remove the dirt by rolling it across your window screen.

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