Five Great Health Benefits of Roller Skating

Roller skating is a hobby that has been around for decades. Some people choose to roller skate as a sport, such as those who play roller derby, whilst others do it for fun. Whatever way you choose, here are five great health benefits you can enjoy from roller skating.

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You Can Lose Weight

No more do you need to go to the same gym and do the same exercise routine. Who says you can’t lose weight and have some serious fun why you do it? Not only is roller skating fun, but it is also a great way to burn calories. When you skate, you are using your core to balance while you work your arms and legs skating. Using all these muscles and skating around will help you to burn fat. You can also increase how much fat you burn by changing where you skate. For example, skating outdoors in a hilly area will help you burn more fat than skating in a rink.

Improve Your Balance

Roller skating does not come naturally to most people. For some, finding balance is harder than others. Balance all comes from your core and it affects how you walk and sit. Having good balance is important for your posture and it helps combat fatigue. The better you become at roller skating, the better your overall balance will be. If you want to improve your balance in other ways to help you in the rink, practicing yoga is a good way to do so.

Strengthen Your Heart

Exercise makes your heart stronger. Heart disease is unfortunately a big killer in the US and we can stop this by exercising and eating better. Life can be stressful on the heart, so what better way to lift your spirits and strengthen your heart muscles than putting on your roller derby skates and hitting the skating track?

It Improves Strength and Endurance

If you want to improve your muscle endurance and strength, roller skating can help you do this. Roller skating works so many muscles as you glide – more than you’d think. From your abdominal muscles to your hips and lower legs, these are all working in unison to keep you moving and to keep you balanced at all times. Skating outdoors is a great way to work your muscles, especially uphill.

Skating is Social

You can skate in lots of places and with whoever you want. Asking your friend to go to the gym or asking them to go roller skating may get two completely different responses. You can go roller skating with your friends or your children, or you may want to practice your moves among strangers. However you do it, keeping social and active is great for your mental wellbeing.

Roller skating is a fun and easy way to stay active, especially for those who don’t like exercising or want to try something different. Relive your childhood with the extra bonus that you are doing something great for your mind and body.


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