Great Opportunities for the Cheap Parcel Sending Now

Besides the practical function of protecting the products in the package, the protective materials can send certain messages to the client. Air bubbles, polystyrene, foam inserts, air cushions, cracked paper of different colors, or thin wood strips are commonly used. Choose the protective material according to the product you order and show the customer that you are interested in getting the product in perfect condition that is why you use quality materials.

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These can either be used to customize the aforementioned tissue paper or as a cheaper alternative to directly printing the box. Stickers can also be added in the box so that the customer sticks to where he wants and remembers your brand whenever he sees them.


It’s standard to include the invoice in the parcel, but you can work on improving the way it is presented. Think of things like where and how to get the bill: when you open the parcel? (Not too) under the products? If you want to present it in an elegant way, use a custom envelope. With the cheapest way to send a parcel to australia the deals come easy now.


The standard is transparent or brown. You currently have more options at your disposal. Use colorful scotch according to the range of colors that are representative of your brand or, if the package has to reach a holiday, use customized variants on this occasion.

In the parcel you can add elements to support the promotion strategy: vouchers, coupons, samples of cross-selling, small gifts (pens, sweets, stickers, catalogs, etc.), personal notes and gratitude messages, requests for social networking feedback, etc.

How do I deliver parcels?

In this step, you probably expect to tell directly what courier company to work with. But I cannot give you a universal solution because every service available on the market has both strong points and weaknesses. Your work consists of consulting offers, discussing with other online store owners, and mainly negotiating prices and services with your chosen courier company. The option for the Cheap courier you can expect the best.

Keep in mind that the price should be secondary and always think about performance and service quality. When you go to the hands of unscrupulous or inappropriate companies for you, you are most likely to dig your own pit. Poor, less quality courier companies destroy your store, especially if you are not paying attention to customer feedback.

As far as negotiation is concerned, do not think things are very simple. This may take from a few minutes to months. Discussions are about the following:

  • Package size
  • Package weight
  • Country / City of shipment
  • Country / City of destination of the package

Tracking options

It has advantages both for you and for customers because it allows you to monitor the order and the real-time status of the parcel. For some couriers, payment processors or foreign merchants, this monitoring option is vital. Otherwise there is no proof that you have shipped the products, so they do not receive the counter value if they are stolen.


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