Guide to the best incontinence pants for 2019!

Running with incontinence pad

Seven million UK women suffer from urinary incontinence which means finding the right pants can be essential to a happy life which is why we have put together this guide to the best incontinence pants.

What are incontinence pants?
An affordable, discreet way to manage urinary incontinence. They are disposable, pull-up pants with a waterproof back sheet, that encourages airflow while absorbing urine and neutralising odours.

Washable incontinence pants are ideal for those who are experiencing urinary incontinence and would prefer something that looks and feels like regular underwear. There are a few important factors when choosing incontinence underwear; absorbency, style and material.

Style: Washable incontinence pants comes in either a brief style or a boxer style for men. Women’s underwear comes in a variety of pantie styles. Basically, it is just a preference as to which style you choose.

Material: Reusable incontinence pants comes in a few options of materials. Cotton is designed to be comfortable and resemble regular undergarments. Nylon and lycra absorbent underwear is designed to be stretchable and achieve a more precise fit. Finally, some other styles are made from a plastic material and are designed to prevent fluid from striking through the material. The trade-off is that plastic underwear would be less breathable than the cotton or nylon alternatives.

Basically, choosing a reusable underwear will depend on which of the above features are most important to you and selecting a style, material and absorbency that meets your individual needs.

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