Here’s Why Millions of People Avoid Mainstream News

In recent years, there has been a great deal of controversy over whether or not the mainstream media is reporting real facts or if they are working to manipulate an unsuspecting public – their readers. Actually, if you go back to the early days of our country, you will see that this really is nothing new.

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Take note of what Thomas Jefferson, one of our most important founding fathers, said way back when. “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.” In light of this and all the recent political controversy, is there any wonder why so many millions of Americans are avoiding the mainstream media like the plague?

Is It Fake News or Simply Editorial Opinion?

Some of the most controversial aspects of mainstream news at the moment are the allegations that the right and left are publishing ‘fake news.’ While this may be the case, it could very well be that both sides of the political divide are printing the same ‘facts’ while focusing more on how they construe those facts. What many journalism professors are finding is that news has become more of an editorial outlet than the simple reporting of facts and this is where so many of those ‘fake news’ allegations stem from.

Real Issues Erroneously Swayed

Let’s look for just a moment over all the controversy surrounding the legalization of cannabis. Some states have voted in recreational marijuana while other states simply allow for medicinal use. Other states yet have refused to legalize cannabis in any form but have reduced the penalties for possession. Even though there is a growing body of evidence to support the use of compounds such as cannabidiol for medicinal uses in humans and pets, there are people who still believe CBDs contain psychoactive properties.

Evidence to the contrary is well documented, and anyone wishing to learn more about how cannabidiol works in dogs, for example, should rather check out sites like Canna Companion rather than an outwardly biased news source. Bear in mind that these will bend the evidence one way or the other in support or denial of scientific and clinical evidence, so perhaps it’s better to do the investigative reporting yourself!

Like Sheep Being Led to the Slaughter

Another metaphor being used today by those being unduly influenced by mass media is in referencing them as ‘sheeple.’ They are seen as sheep being led to the slaughter and understandably, blinded so they aren’t aware of where they are being led. This is, indeed, the case, again from both sides of the aisle, but if you understand that everyone has an agenda, it’s easy to know what to believe and what to refute!

Where are you getting your news? Who are their primary advertisers and how is that relevant to what they print? Once you understand that, you can begin to read their ‘news’ from that vantage point. Most often you will find that today’s news is pretty much what it has always been – an opinionated editorial rather than a mere reporting of facts.


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