Horse Shelters Benefit Horse Health

Horses need care as well. Just as we need shelter from elements of nature like snow, rain and extreme heat, horses also need shelter from these elements to stay physically healthy. Hence, if you own a horse, you should start considering building a horse shelter. A horse shelter is also important if you want to manage your ranch better. In fact, a horse with a better physique will be great to ride and compete on. Now, in this article we will talk a bit about how to build your own run-in shed which will protect your horse while he’s in pasture.

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Generally, this run-in shed doesn’t have to be in the form of a luxury hotel, but a basic structure would do. Rather what experts suggests is a simple shed, where the horse can rest for a while in the shade, escape insects and get out of harsh weather conditions. The simplicity of a run-in shed is its catch point. Obviously, there is no one who would stop you into making a structure which would look like a five-star resort, but, installing a basic yet attractive shed is what most of horse owners prefer. Moreover, building a basic shed will not cost you a lot.

Now, if you own a horse and want to make a horse shelter, then you generally have two options. One is to buy a pre-engineered kit, which you need to assemble. The kit will have the manual about how to assemble the kit, and the structure would obviously be predefined. Another option is to build a shed from scratch. You can either do the job yourself, or may hire a company to do the job. This option quite precariously will cost you less than buying a pre-engineered kit. If you leave alone the fashionable things, and stick to a pretty basic design, then you can build a structure in no time, and it won’t cost you a fortune.

Building from Scratch

If you are building a run-in shed from scratch, you get a lot of options on the structure of the shed and the materials that you want to use. But, in this article we will just keep things really simple, keeping in mind that there might be first timers who are reading this article as well. We’ll not over-obsess ourselves on the durability and safety issue.
You should always go on and build the horse shelter for two horses, even if you have only one horse now. If you do have two horses, and one of them is highly dominant, then a single shed is not feasible for both of them.

Checking the Regulations

Before you jump-start to build the run-in shed, you need to check the regulations and if you need any permissions or not. Since, a shed is generally a farming requirement, and hence, falls under an agricultural structure, you shouldn’t need any permission, but every area and community have different laws in accordance to building structures. You can check with your regional building department, who will be able to tell you better about the building regulations in your region.

Selecting a Site

The most important part in building a run-in shed is to choose the best place to build it. Some of the considerations that you should keep in mind while selecting the place is, accessibility, convenience and weather patterns. Since, run-in shed is to ensure the safety of the horse, you need to make sure that the shed is somewhere, which is easy to get to for the horse. At the same time, it shouldn’t be too close to your house, since, the smell of the barn may overwhelm you.
Since, the horse will feed inside this shed, you need to make the shed which is tractor accessible.

Last but not the least is the shed design. The design can be downright basic, with certain modifications that you find important. You need to make sure that the horses can play around a bit, and the dimension of the shed shouldn’t be an issue then.

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