How are customers benefited by taking a personal loan from Tata Capital?


Personal loans are the best way to meet your sudden financial needs. Tata Capital caters to the financial demands of retail, institutes, and corporate sector. The financial institution provides a variety of services such as securities, infrastructure finance, consumer finance, forex services, advisory services, and the like. If there is any urgent requirement such as home renovation, wedding, or any kind of emergency, Tata Capital’s personal loan is there to help you achieve your dream easily and faster.

Annual Percentage Rate (Min & Max) Processing Fee Tenure (Min & Max)
11.49% – 19% Starts at Rs. 999/- + applicable Service Tax 12 to 72 Months

Source- Tata Capital’s website

Tata Capital’s personal loans are approved for a maximum tenure of 72 months and a minimum tenure of 12 months. The documents required are simple and can be easily arranged. With Tata Capital, you can apply personal loan online in just 3 simple steps and your loan can get approved in just 72 hours. The company provides personal loan at an affordable interest rate that gives a tough competition to other lenders.

The best part with Tata Capital is that customers have the freedom to customize their EMI structure as per their financial comfort. This scheme is known as flexi EMI scheme and it is a revolutionary and unique feature in its kind. There are four types of schemes available under this plan. Let us discuss them in detail-

Step- Up EMI Option

Unlike the regular repayment options, the step-up EMI option allows one to pay lower amount of EMIs in the initial years of the repayment tenure and then gradually increase the EMI amount, as the years pass by.

Step- Down EMI Option

This option is best-suited for people who can dispose a higher amount towards EMI repayment, in the initial years. Due to higher initial EMI repayment amount, the EMI amount gradually goes down year by year. This helps in speedy repayment.

Bullet EMI Option

In case one is not comfortable with monthly repayments of the loan amount, the Bullet EMI scheme provides an easy option of periodically repaying the loan amount in parts. If one is expecting a huge amount or periodic increments in their income, then they can opt for this scheme.

Balloon EMI Option

Under this EMI option, one can repay a large amount of sum towards EMI at regular intervals or towards the end of the loan tenure.

Tata Capital was the first NFBC in the market to offer such unique plans on EMI to benefit the loan borrowers across segments. With Tata Capital, you can get a personal loan of up to 25 lakhs in just 72 hours. One needs to provide KYC documents such as proof of employment and income proof, in order to reduce the risk of the lender with Tata Capital while applying for a personal loan.

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