How IIoT is Pioneering the Future of Intuitive Industries

‘Data-driven industries will be the only ones which will be able to survive in the competitive environment’. With the emergence of IIoT, this quote is not far from being realised in the near future. Today’s smart devices can not only transmit the relevant information to the cloud platforms but can also be remotely controlled to manage their activities. Thus, the two-way sharing of this information has made automation and digitalisation of industries much easier and effective. This accumulated data from various sources has the ability for predictive capabilities like maintenance and lowering the machine downtime in the near future. The evolution of cloud technology, analytics, and cyber security have paved the way for IoT.

The Intuitive Industries

Efficiency in any manufacturing industry whatsoever can be achieved by forecasting the correct information at the right time. The intuitive industries plan to run along these lines to increase the cost efficiency and effectiveness of such projects so that they can be done with minimal wastage. Such predictive capabilities can be of great help in streamlining the processes and the systems in the manufacturing of products.

Predictive Maintenance: Many industries ranging from automobile to electronic industries usually are required to give follow up services for their products. For customer satisfaction ,speedy and cheap services are the key. The sensors in such machines can suggest when a repair or maintenance service might be required and for which part. This information can be exploited by the manufacturer to be ready with the tools and spare parts which would be required to provide the service to the customer.

Demand and Downtime: A large IoT network would be able to get the data which can be related to the demand for a certain product. This would be able to signal the enterprises before time, what would be the expected demand of the product in the future. This information can be used to put the machines on overtime or increase the machine downtime as per the information and data received. Thus, the enterprises would be better able to predict the uncertainties and equip themselves accordingly.

IIoT gives multiple opportunities to exploit for manufacturing entities. The systems and machinery can be remotely controlled and operated on the basis of the findings from the data.

The services which were considered to be a liability for the company like maintenance and warranty repairs have proved to be an important area of generating cashflows and improving customer satisfaction. IIoT helps them in making such operations cost and time efficient increasing their profit margins.

With the emergence of IoT gateways sharing of information between machinery and cloud systems have become much easier as such gateways connect them with different platforms and make the exchange much more secure.

With increasing processing capabilities, it becomes possible to filter a large amount of data at their nodes itself with the help of functions and make conclusions from the relevant data. Integrating all the systems and with the help of data analytics, cloud computing and edge control the revolution of Industry 4.0 can be seen in the near future.

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