How Long Will a Modular Building Last?

How Long Will a Modular Building Last?

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Modular classrooms, homes and offices are very popular nowadays. Even hospitals have followed suit, especially temporary clinics that are set in disaster-stricken areas. Although all experts who construct them claim that they are durable, it is important that the clients understand how long they will get use from these structures. Many factors come into play when you want to know how long they can last. We are going to cover this in detail below.

What Is a Modular Building?

These are temporary structures that are made from prefabricated materials. The modules are similar, and all that is needed is to assemble them on the desired site. They have many benefits including time and cost savings. Construction of modular homes by real estate firms has become common these days especially on leased land. Those interested in the potential of modular construction may want to take to the internet to learn about the services local to them who can deliver a prefabricated design and building solution.

Schools are other institutions that have accepted this option for building when they want to save money on both materials and labor. When they are built to proper standards, the structures can last a long time, but of course, the type of materials will determine this.

Common Materials Used

  • Wood – this material is widely used across the world but in a highly controlled way. Construction companies usually buy their wood from authorized sellers and add value to the prefabs before they are cut into modules. In other instances, they use compressed chips and blocks of wood to make durable wooden sheets and block boards. Wooden modules are some of the most durable according to Smart Space Instant Buildings experts.
  • Aluminum and canvas – classrooms and hospitals made of aluminum frames and canvas walls are also very common these days. They are a quick fix when there is a pressing need. As opposed to what many people think, these structures are durable even though they look light. They require a proper setup by experienced experts so that they can look as attractive as intended.
  • Steel and concrete – other modules that are becoming common are made from steel and concrete. Although they make more permanent buildings, it is still worthwhile to consider them. They have greatly reduced the cost of construction these days. Most homes in developing countries are built using these modules since they also save on labor costs.

What Determines the Durability of Modular Buildings?

After mentioning that the type of material will determine the durability of the modular structures, it is crucial to know that other factors also play a part. How they are made and joined together will not only determine durability but also the safety of the buildings. Experts use the most current techniques to make robust structures that will serve you for many years without any problems. Repair and maintenance procedures also play a part. If they are completed promptly, the structure will still continue serving. But when they are neglected, they can quickly deteriorate and eventually collapse.


How long a modular structure can last is relative, and the main determinants are the factors that we have discussed above. Be sure that you have followed the right path when using these structures to give them the opportunity to serve you for years to come.


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