How to Do Deep Dryer Vent Cleaning Toronto


Do you know why dryer vent cleaning Toronto is essential for your home? Clogged and dirty ducts are embarrassing, and they are potential fire hazards. They are the primary causes of house fires in Toronto. Even if the leaky ducts don’t do immediate damage to your home, they waste your valuable time, money and energy which you can utilize in other more important things.

Nevertheless, a dryer connected to a lint-filled duct won’t be useful either. Sometimes dryer may be dysfunctional and assume that it is faulty. However, the fact is the clogged ductwork could be the culprit. So if you are planning to clean your dryer vent this fall, here are simple steps to follow. Click here to learn more.

  1. Locate The Duct

This is the first crucial step to perform. For you to perform dryer vent cleaning, you should locate where it is. In dryer units, it is located at the back, in a 4-inch diameter exhaust. The exhaust is linked to the ductwork inside the wall. Hot air is conveyed along these pipes and get out through the opening on the outside wall.

  1. Disconnect The Dryer

Now that you are well acquainted from the start and the end of the dryer vent cleaning Toronto, next step is duct disconnection. If you own an electric dryer, it is a straightforward thing. To start, remove the machine’s power connector from the wall. Next, eliminate any clamps holding the dryer vent in position. Slowly, remove the vent pipe from the wall duct by pulling.

However, homeowners who own dryers that operate on natural gas should be keener. Don’t disrupt the gas line of the dryer if you want to reposition the dryer. Remember to fix everything bearing in mind that gas links can be catastrophic.

  1. Clean And Clean

Now, much of the preparatory work is done, and you have ample access to your dryer duct leading to the laundry room wall. You need a vent cleaning kit for you to start the cleaning work. It is composed of a lint brush and flexible segments. You have to join these two components to make a rod that is 12 feet long.

Now insert the end of this brush into the duct. You can enter this rod from the exterior of your home, so you collect the clogged debris in the laundry room. That is easier than piling it on your flowers outside. The work of collecting the debris on flowers can be tedious.

  1. Tidy Up, Reconnect All The Disconnected Parts

You expect to have a lot of lint that will collect in your laundry room. That should be cleaned up, and also all the dirt in the vacuum should be eliminated twice to make sure it functions properly. We recommend you use simple broom and dustpan.

  1. Do A Trial Run

You will want to test whether your dryer vent cleaning Toronto is successful. Do a trial and see whether there is increased air flow.


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