How to Make Valid Sets in Rummy Playing Cards?

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The goal of every Indian rummy player is the same. He needs to make the decided number of sets and sequences to call it a hand. If someone else wins rummy first and you haven’t managed to make the pure and real sequences, full points are counted for your hand. A good gamer is one who understands every aspect of the game so that he wins the game surely.

When Should You Start Focusing on Making Sets?

As a player of 13 card rummy game, your first goal should be to complete the two sequences. Once this is done, you can move on to making sets. This is because a hand is never regarded complete in rummy without the pure and real sequences. Without the two sequences, full points are calculated in rummy.

  1. Sets with Numbers

You can prepare sets in a rummy game using numbers. For example, if you have three number cards of the same value but of different signs they form a valid set. You can form a set of 2 spades, 2 diamonds and 2 hearts. This is a valid set. However, when you make a set of number cards, you need to make sure that the signs of each card are different. For example, if you make a set out of two 3 of diamonds and one 3 of spades, it won’t be counted a valid set.

  1. Sets with Face Cards

You can also make sets with face cards. For example in card games, a queen of spades, a queen of hearts and a queen of clubs together form a set. The rule is that the sign of each card needs to be different to form a set. You cannot call it a valid set if two of the cards have the same sign and value.

This possibility does not arise when you play with a single deck of cards but may arise when you play with multiple decks. One of the ways to know about rummy rules is to watch video tutorials or read guides about the game’s variants.

  1. Sets Using Jokers

You are always allowed to use jokers when you are making sets. You may use the real jokers in the set or pulled out jokers from the deck. You may also use blank cards as jokers to complete sets. Completing a set is never too difficult. Jokers make it easier for you. Try out rummy games free and practice enough before you can take on challenging tournaments.

How Many Sets Do You Need to Make in 13 Cards Rummy Game?

In most variations of rummy games played, there is no compulsion on making sets. If you have four sequences, it is also considered a complete hand in rummy cards games. However, when you play the games in clubs and rummy groups, they insist on having two sequences and two sets. That is why, one compulsorily needs to make two sets when he is playing a game of 13 cards.

The rummy patti game is easy to learn and grasp. You will also find many opportunities to play this game online and offline. If you wish to be an expert in the game, you must learn how to make sets and sequences.

Go for a rummy game download that will allow you to practice making sets and sequences online. Once you get a clear idea how to make the different combinations, the game will be very simple for you.

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