How to Open a Current Account in 7 Easy Steps

How to Open a Current Account in 7 Easy Steps

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In today’s digital world, having a bank account is a necessity. No matter whether your financial framework is well-established or not, opening a bank account can always do good. Saving liquid cash at your homes has become a bygone concept. Further, with plenty of account options available, finding the right account that meets your needs has become tricky. However, among all the options, checking account or current account is well suited for the day to day transactions. Now, anyone can open a current account online through digital banking. But you should be aware of the steps involved in opening an account to make the process smoother.

Here is a step by step guide to help you with opening a checking account.

Step 1 – Get the application form

The first step of opening a current account is choosing the right bank and getting the application. You can get the application form for opening a checking account from any branch of the bank or opt for online application. Visit the bank’s website and identify the account that best fits your needs. Click on the application form for your desired current account.

Step 2 – Fill the form

After gathering the required information, fill the form carefully. Check whether you match the eligibility criteria and provide all necessary details mentioned in the form. Once you complete filling the application, submit the application.

Step 3 – Furnish the documents

Once you finish the application process, banks will ask you to furnish some documents as proof. Submit the supporting documents for the application. The banks will process and approve your application within days. The banks will also send you a welcome kit to the given address.

Step 4 – Start depositing

After finishing the primary process, you can start operating your account by making an opening deposit. You can deposit a specific amount and withdraw it to check how it works. Once you make a deposit, you can use it for any day to day transactions.

Step 5 – Apply for internet banking

Opting for internet banking is essential as it can provide you with smooth banking experience. Download the registration form for the Internet Banking facility. Fill it and submit it online or hand it over to the specific bank branch. Following this, you will get a login id and password for internet banking, which you can use for future transactions.

Step 6- Activate internet banking

Once you get the login id and password from the bank, change the password immediately. You can do this by logging in to the internet banking portal of the bank. Skim through the sections of the portal to get an overall idea on online banking.

Step 7- Activate the cards

Most of the banks provide cheque book and ATM card with their welcome kit. Once you receive the ATM card, change the pin as soon as possible. You can do it either by visiting an ATM facility or online by visiting the internet banking portal of the bank.



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