How to Prepare for an Engagement Shoot

How to Prepare for an Engagement Shoot

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Congratulations! You’re tying the knot soon, and you must be filled with elation. Walking down the aisle is such a momentous occasion and most couples are tickled pink to finally say “I do” to each other.


But before the big day comes, couples these days usually go through one other significant event – the engagement shoot.

Before “I Do”

One of the most anticipated events that lead up to the wedding is the engagement photoshoot. This photography session provides couples another opportunity to amp up their romance factor. Couples usually invest in a professional photographer to ensure that their special moments together can be captured in the best possible light.


Along with the customary hen night and bachelor party, the engagement shoot (as it is popularly called) is something that most couples opt to do before the wedding. Soon-to-be wed sweethearts invest time, money, and energy to prepare for this exciting activity that they can both enjoy. They will also have beautifully shot photos that they can keep for a lifetime. Couples often use the same photographer for their engagement shoot and wedding so that they can build a relationship with the photographer and they can have the images the way they would like them. So, whether it’s a london wedding photographer or someone from their hometown, building a rapport is important to receive a great end result.


As with most events, the engagement shoot also requires planning and organization to make sure that everything flows smoothly. Even if you don’t have a wedding coordinator or organizer, you can definitely still prepare for one by observing the following suggestions for a well-oiled engagement photo session.


Here are some of the top tips on how to prepare for an engagement shoot:

1. Know what you want

Couples should take time to discuss the engagement shoot. Sit down, and talk about what you both want. Do you have a particular concept in mind? What are your personal preferences and how can you both reach a compromise on one concept? Would you want it to have a fantasy theme or prefer to have classic portraits?


Talk about what you want to happen and what kinds of photos you want to have. This way, you both know how you can come up with something that both of you will enjoy doing. It should be something that you can look back on and reminisce fondly.

2. Set the date, time, and location

Would you want to have a destination shoot or prefer to have it closer to home? What day and time would work best for both of you?


When planning for your engagement pictorial, you both need to consider the most convenient time to do it. If you are both working or have other things to attend to, find a vacant schedule when you are both available. It is best to set at least a day for the shoot, if possible. This will give you enough time to travel, and take care of hair and make-up preparations. It will also allow you to have a more carefree schedule where you don’t need to rush and dash.


Most photographers will also recommend that you shoot during the golden hours – that is, the time shortly after the sun rises or before it sets. It is said that the lighting is best during these times.


As for the location, you can do it in a studio or you can also do it outdoors. Some couples who are into beach weddings try to set it up either at the same venue or somewhere similar. Others prefer to do the shoot in places that are close to their hearts or have a special significance to them, such as the place where they first met.

3. Choose an engagement shoot team

Since you want to keep these photos for the rest of your married days, you would naturally want it to be as perfect as possible. This means that you should also find the right people who can help you do just that.


If you don’t have a wedding organizer, you can look for a coordinator or perhaps ask someone you trust to do the coordination. It can also be someone from your family or circle of friends (maybe your maid of honor?). It should be someone who has the knack for orderliness to help you prepare and organize it if you plan on doing it yourself.

There are a million and one things that you might need to prepare for the wedding, and getting a helping hand will be a relief.

Of course, one of the main considerations is having a professional photographer. He or she will be the one behind the lens, and having a master taking your photos can certainly take a load off your shoulders. You can surf the Internet or ask trusted family or friends, read reviews, or even go from studio to studio to look for the right one for you.


The same goes for the hair and make-up team. If you prefer to have your hair and make-up done on the day of the shoot, you can also do some research first and see who can highlight your features the best. You can also include hiring a stylist for the shoot especially if your concept requires costumes or specific outfits.


Make sure that you meet with your chosen team and finalize the preparations. Ensure that everyone is aligned with the concept, date, time, and location as well as other details that you might need.

Picture Perfect

When you follow the above-mentioned tips, you can look forward to an enjoyable engagement shoot. As long as you coordinate closely with your team and suppliers, you can rest assured that everything will be ready for the day.


One thing that you and your partner should remember the most is to enjoy the moment. Even the most precise preparations can go awry – the weather might not cooperate, someone can get stuck in traffic, or some other unexpected twist in your plans can happen. No matter what the bump in the road may be, nothing is impossible when you face it together.



Stefanie Descheemaecker is the Studio Manager at Stu Williamson Photography at The Palm Jumeirah – Fairmont Hotel in Dubai. She has been with the company for almost 3 years and is the driving force behind the success of the business. A keen amateur photographer, Stef combines her natural creative eye with strong business acumen to help Stu Williamson Photography become the most trusted and successful photography business in the UAE.




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