How to prepare for CBSE class 9th Examinations

The examinations are knocking at the door and the students are busy with their preparations. These are the final terms and you would have worked on your weaknesses throughout the year. There is no scope of any carelessness. This is a crucial time as your performance will decide whether you will be moving to the next class or not. The students need to be well prepared, especially the ones appearing for the 9th standard. The following tips might help you fare well in the examinations.

  • Be thorough with all the topics. Read every concept in detail so that you can answer any question that comes in the exam.
  • Go through the previous year class 9th CBSE question papers. Some questions might get repeated.
  • Practice the solutions as much as you can. Subjects like Maths, Physics, and Chemistry require a regular practice of the solutions to be a pro.
  • Formulae need to be on your tips. Even a slight mistake can cost you high.
  • The CBSE sample papers for class 9th are available on various educational websites and also on the NCERT website. Practice those sample papers for better preparations.
  • Practice the diagrams with proper labeling. Do not forget to draw a well-labeled diagram along with the explanation wherever required.
  • Set a time table of your own and prioritize your subjects according to the ones you are weak at.
  • Consult your teachers and seniors for any doubts. Get them clarified beforehand.
  • Do not just study without any breaks. Relax your mind for some time at regular intervals.
  • Do not clutter your mind with a lot of thoughts. It will hamper your memorizing power.
  • Try the internet learning where they teach you with the help of visuals. You learn more when you see things.
  • It is better not to skip any topic. You never know what is asked in the examinations.
  • Answer according to the marks allotted. Do not write stories for a 2 marks question and a one-liner for a 10 marks question.

You will be beginning your examination by the end of February. Remember, you have to appear for your boards in the next class. So, prepare accordingly. Your performance in the 9th standard will help you evaluate yourself for the boards.

We wish all the students all the very best for the examinations. May you come out with flying colours.

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