Important Elevator Safety Tips

Making use of an elevator is such a banal task that we often do not give the necessary safety regulations a second thought. However, if you think about it, you will realize that there are several potential safety hazards in the bounds of an elevator. And oftentimes, we are completely unaware of them until we are caught in a quandary and have little help to get us out the situation at hand. Thereby, it becomes crucial to be conscientious of the basics of elevator safety, especially if you are someone who uses them regularly. Not only will this help you to avoid an unforeseeable predicament, but also it will put you in a position to be calm and assuage the panicked state in the confines and provide assistance to others if the case arises.

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Enumerated below are a few safety tips for an elevator ride that will help you be more alert and enable you to make a more informed decision during a crisis condition.

Before You Enter

Make sure that you know which floor you have to be on before you enter the elevator. If you don’t happen to know where your destination floor is, ask the security personnel about it. After that, press the call button situated on either side of the lift in the right direction so as to avoid wasting any time going to a floor further from your destination.

Be attentive of the notification signal on top of the entrance of the elevator to know when it is arriving. If the elevator happens to be at full capacity with passengers already, stand aside and wait for the next round.

Upon entering, stand by the sides instead of in front of the door to allow other passengers to enter and make space accordingly. If you are going to be disembarking on a floor soon, stand closer to the entrance so that you don’t have to struggle through a crowd to get out.

Besides, if you are in a hurry to reach the elevator, do not try and stop the sliding doors with anything, especially not with your hands or feet. This could result in dangerous accidents and even lead to injuries. Additionally, if you are wearing a tie or any other article of clothing that is susceptible to getting caught in between the doors, make sure that you are watchful of it when the doors close and open.

On The Elevator

When on the elevator, as aforementioned, stand in a position where it will be easier for you to dismount while being respectful of others’ space. If you tend to get dizzy or claustrophobic, hold the handrail that is present in the structure. If it so happens that the doors do not open on a particular floor, press the “door open” button on the side. If the door still does not open, press the “ring alarm” button or use the intercom to call for help. Try not to panic and wait patiently for the personnel to assist you in this situation.

Emergency Situations

During a fire, never get on an elevator to escape a building. Always make use of the emergency staircase. In any contingency, you must take the stairs instead as there is a high risk of a total power outage and you might end up getting stuck on the elevator.

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