Increasing the Value of Your Home with Smart Home Technology

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If you’re considering selling your house in the near future, you’ve probably considered ways to add value and entice prospective buyers without breaking the bank. Curb appeal, a chef’s kitchen, or a luxe master bath are all popular ideas into only to improve your home’s value when it’s time to list, but also to enhance your own enjoyment of the space. When it comes time to sell your home, there’s one area sometimes overlooked, but one that buyers are willing to pay a premium for: smart home technology.

Smart tech goes beyond a doorbell camera or a monitor inside. There are a few things you can do when you’re ready to sell your home – and these ideas will also give you peace of mind while your house is listed on the market.

Smart Home Tech for Outside Monitoring

Choosing a doorbell camera like Ring or Nest can help detect package thieves, solicitors, or unwelcome guests. These doorbell cameras monitor the front (or side, or back) doors of your home, and are motion activated. They can also be programmed to send a live stream to your phone or send videos to a personal cloud account.

Smart door locks, activated by the Bluetooth on your phone, can automatically open the door when you come in. This can be nice when there’s a storm or you have full hands. Automatic sprinklers, beyond the current programmable tech, can actually detect moisture levels in your lawn and water accordingly. Those who live in areas under water restrictions can make sure that they’re in compliance, by adjusting their settings as their community guidelines change.

Smart Home Tech for Inside Monitoring

Smart thermostats, changing according to the occupancy of your home, reduce energy costs. Nest, for instance, can save homeowners an average of $173 per year. Over the course of two years, the $249 investment will pay for itself.

Smart smoke detectors eliminate the need for checking and rechecking batteries and can even save you up to 5 percent on home insurance premiums. When you’re selling your house, things like these are appealing to potential buyers, as features like these may enable them to have better lending rates. For the poor home cook, a smart smoke detector will allow you to keep … cooking… if there’s excessive smoke but no actual danger.

How Smart Home Tech Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Home appraisers have begun factoring smart tech into their value estimates. When it’s time to sell your home, especially in a buyer’s market, every bit helps. For many “smart” homes, that bit comes in at an average of 5 percent more, according to Consumer Reports than a non-smart comparable home. Buyers don’t want to add things to their dream house – they’d prefer that smart features already be installed.

How Smart Do You Want Your Home?

Smart homes are safer, with intruder deterrents and early warning advantages. They’re also designed to make your life more comfortable and save you money. When you’re selling your home, features that reduce homeowner’s insurance and offer buyers a lower cost of living due to energy efficiency – especially if they’re already installed and proven to work, add a lot of value for a little amount. From in-home voice-activated commands to peace of mind knowing that your house is monitored while you’re away, smart home features are something that savvy homeowners need.


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