Interim Pastor Ministries for Churches that Find Themselves Without a Leader


If you’ve been a part of a church for any length of time, you know that churches are made up of imperfect people. Just like in any organization, problems arise in churches and difficult decisions sometimes need to be made regarding church leadership, specifically senior pastors.

When a church experiences a lack of leadership for any reason—a senior pastor quits or is asked to leave, or passes away unexpectedly—there may not be an obvious person to step in immediately as a replacement. That’s why many churches turn to organizations offering interim pastor ministries.

One such organization is VitalChurch Ministry. VitalChurch has made it their mission to help churches experiencing a season of transition or crisis. Not only do they provide interim pastors to churches in need of leadership and regular teaching, but they also take churches through an in-depth process that helps identify the church’s underlying issues and then walks with them while they address those issues in a biblical manner.

The interim pastors at VitalChurch are seasoned pastors who have a strong desire to see churches transformed into places that operate in unity and effectiveness. They aren’t just there to “fill the pulpit” or maintain the status quo. They work with existing leadership, staff members, and congregations to bring about needed change.

Here’s what a couple of people who have worked with the interim pastors at VitalChurch had to say about the experience:

“[VitalChurch]’s diagnostic process and intentional interim staff were invaluable to our church when we lost our pastor of 26 years. They brought much-needed perspective and addressed issues with both professionalism and pastors’ hearts. We’re a healthier church poised to serve God in new ways with the arrival of our next full-time pastor.” 

“Our church was stagnant and would have died if not for [VitalChurch] assisting us in flushing out the root causes of our decay and working with us through leadership training, change in governance structure, congregational communication, and staying right on track throughout the entire process. We are looking forward to seeing how God will use all of this to grow His church.” 

Church Health Assessments that Reveal Blind Spots

Even if a church isn’t currently going through any sort of transition or crisis, VitalChurch can be of assistance. They offer an in-depth church health assessment, which they call their Diagnostic Analysis, that can help churches understand their strengths and weaknesses. Many churches find this outside perspective very valuable and undergo an assessment every few years as a sort of “check up.”

According to the organization’s website, VitalChurch’s Diagnostic Analysis “provide[s] churches with an accurate understanding of the current realties within the church, confirming what is working well and what needs attention.” The information that comes out of their analysis can help church leadership make more informed decisions and reveal a church’s “blind spots.” Based on the issues that are revealed in the analysis, VitalChurch’s final report also provides “prayerfully considered recommendations for the church as they move forward.”

A Complete Process for Church Revitalization

There are a lot of organizations out there offering church consulting services, church health assessments, church coaching, or interim pastor services, but VitalChurch Ministry is one of the few organizations out there that has developed a comprehensive process of church revitalization. Their process starts with identifying a church’s core issues, then moves to working with the church to address them, and ends with a period of follow-up coaching.

To learn more about VitalChurch Ministry and the services they offer to churches and denominations, check out their website:


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