Is It Necessary to Regularly Pay a Visit to Your Dentist?

Visiting the dentist every year is important in order to maintain a healthy oral hygiene. Going to see the Harley Street Dentist should not be regarded as an unnecessary expenses no matter how good you are at brushing your teeth. Most people assume that they have to visit the dentist 2 times a year but everyone is different. Some people don’t have to go every 6 months while others may need more checks by the dentist.

How Frequent Should You Visit the Dentist?

Given everyone’s unique circumstances, you should discuss about how frequent you should pay a visit to the dental clinic with your dentist. Lots of factors are taken into account when determining the frequency of the dental checkup such as age, background, diet, and health circumstances.

Generally, the time in between each checkup is in between 3 months – 2 years. If you have bad oral habit and don’t pay attention to your oral health, it is recommended that you visit the dentist every 3 – 4 months. If you are below 18 years old, you should visit the dentist at least one time every year. The frequency is not fixed, and may change depending on the circumstances of the patient.

What Does the Dentist Do During the Dental Checkup?

During a dental checkup, the dentist will check your teeth, gums, and mouth. If necessary, he will perform X-ray on your teeth to diagnose damage on the teeth that is not visible such as abscesses, tumors. The dentist will scrape away build up plaque around the gum line. If you want, he can also help you polish and floss your teeth.

He will ask you a few questions about your health, and also look at the record of your last visit. You can take this opportunity to ask your dentist for some advice on how to clean your teeth according to your lifestyle. Before leaving, ask the dentist when you should schedule for the next dental checkup visit.

Why Regular Dental Checkup is Important?

Without paying a visit to the dentist, you will not be aware about an oral problem. It is easy to dismiss symptoms that you have oral problems. For example, people would not pay much attention when they have a bit of gum bleeding. However, if your gum bleeds, it could be a sign of an underlying oral disease. Going to the dentist allows you to spot this problem early so that you can receive treatment and recover fast.

Delaying allows your oral problem to develop into a more serious disease which will be harder to treat afterwards. A standard routine in the checkup is to check the teeth for accumulation of plaque and tartar. If plaque/tarter is spotted, the dentist can use special equipment to wash them away. If the tartar is not promptly cleaned, it will cause gum disease like periodontitis. Periodontitis can cause your teeth to have large spaces in between them.

Plaque can also cause problem for the jaw because it has the ability to cause bone loss when it reaches to the root of your teeth. If you care about pearly white smile, you should visit the dentist as frequently as needed to remove superficial stain on the teeth. Some food and drinks can leave stubborn stain on your teeth that cannot be brushed. Recently, there has been a study that connects poor oral hygience to heart disease. The study is not yet confirmed but it points to the importance of having the habit of visiting the dentist regularly.

Besides, when you are at the dentist’s office, you can ask him to do a professional cleaning. This will help to prevent to build up of bad breath in your mouth. Bacteria can accumulate in your throat every time you eat something and cause bad breath if you did not practice adequate oral hygience. It is recommended that you get a professional dental cleaning once every 6 months.

Dental Checkups in Children

It is hard to notice oral problem in children because they don’t know how to recognize problems in their teeth. Therefore, when you go to the dentist, remember to let him check up your children’s teeth as well. According to the American Dental Association, you should let a dentist check your child’s teeth within 6 months from the appearing of the first tooth. Starting dental check up early can help the child to be less afraid when he is sitting in the dental chair. Besides, it also enable them to maintain the habit of regular dental checkup when they grow up.

Dental Visits In Between Routine Checkups

Regular checkups is not same as scheduling appointments for other types of dental treatments. You should seek immediate attention with your dentist if you notice any oral symptom such as tooth sensitivity or toothache when chewing. You can also schedule a visit with the dentist to find out how an existing health condition like diabetes can affect your dental health.

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