Advantage of LTL shipping

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LTL shipping stands for Less-Than-Truckload shipping that means it is a freight shipment that does not involve completely filling an entire truck. The LTL shipment ranges from 150 pounds to 10,000 pounds. Any shipments over 10,000 pounds use the full truckload (FTL) shipment. LTL shipment is an easier and more convenient shipment option and totals to 95% of the business. Confused about the shipment options? Wondering which shipment comes with more advantages? Here we are to vanish your queries.

Listed below are the advantages of LTL shipping:

5. Guardian angel for your shipment.

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LTL shipping is preferred over FTL shipping as it minimizes the damage to the product. In LTL shipping, the items are packaged carefully and placed in a truck before shipping. This ensures that items are not mangled while shipping. The products are prevented from the general wear and tear during handling, protection from other freight abroad the trailer and lesser chances of losing the parcel. Since items are usually damaged in FTL shipping, LTL shipping is favored in such cases.

4. Delivery at the speed of lightning.

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LTL shipping is given preference over FTL shipping for another major reason: faster delivery. Since LTL shipping has to deal with only a few logistics, it enables quicker delivery. Moreover in LTL shipping has lesser stops and weigh-ins are instant.

3. Allows smaller shipments.

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LTL shipping gives you the liberty to ship small amount of product across the country, unlike FTL shipping, where you have to be patient unless you have full truck shipment. This process of allowing the shippers to pay only for their share in the trailer, instead of the entire trailer is called as pooling.

2. Doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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LTL shipping is extremely economical and hence a better shipment option. In LTL shipping, the carrier stocks all of the items from various businesses in a single truck, resulting in each of the shipper paying only a fraction of the shipping amount. This makes it a preferable option. Moreover, it provides a range of other services, not provided by the FTL shipment which includes: non-commercial services for pickup or delivery, inside delivery, freeze protection, lift-gates, notification prior to delivery, etc. LTL also allows the extension of their business to smaller companies, which FTL does not allow.

1.Tracing the shipment is a child’s play.

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Tracking the shipment is easy breezy in an LTL shopping. Shipments can be tracked by bill of lading number, PO number, pro number, shipment reference number and pick up date range. LTL shipments provide an estimated time of delivery. Tracing your item helps you to be available during the delivery of the shipment. Moreover, LTL provides in-transit shipment events like pick-up, stop-offs and delivery.

So now that you are aware of the advantages of LTL shipping, you can also have a say in your workplace regarding the shipping and make others aware of how shipments can be more convenient, easy, faster and cost effective. Thank us later.


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