Maximizing your visibility through feather flags

feather flag

When it comes to promoting your business, feather flags are a must have. They come in different sizes and shapes and therefore are good at catching people’s attention. Most of the businesses have missed this excellent opportunity with an exception of a few large corporations and multinationals who have them on-site when doing some advertising campaigns. Feather flags are called so due to their feather shape and are made of polyester fabric, which is printed using dye ink sublimation. This bleeds through the fabric, leaving a mirror look of the artwork.

How can you use the feather flags to maximize your business visibility?

One of the most pertinent reasons is branding. In advertising, one of the most effective ways to convey a message is the use of symbols. They have a great impact on the viewer through repetition and association. For example, your business logo is a symbol together with signs, and yes, feather flags. When these symbols are properly used with the right mix and proper image association, would evoke such powerful messages to the viewer.

How then do you use them effectively to give great results?

For any promotional campaign to be effective, you must consider the location. For greater visibility, you need to place the symbols where there is high traffic flow to hit a wide audience. Some of the perfect locations are at the entrance of your business or any good location near your business vicinity. That would require that you take a good time to observe where people come from and a place where they will clearly see the flag.

Besides your business vicinity, you should use feather flags when you have events like; trade shows, community activities and such meetings that attract high traffic. In fact, it is during such events where these flags truly shine. Imagine your company logo swaying in the wind; it would definitely draw passersby’s attention to your booth.

For malls and condominiums, you need to create indoor specific flags, which are eye-catching compared to the standard ones. After the specific event, you can reuse the flags inside your business premises for added branding until the next even comes.

How do you design the feather flag?

The feather flags are single handedly effective in drawing attention. However, creating a design that rightly fits the purpose you want to achieve would be doubly effective. The foremost thing to consider when designing your flag pole banners is the color. To create pop especially outdoors, you need to use bright colors. In addition, for maximum effect, you should utilize your business colors. This would evoke the image you’d want to be projected and a perception of your company by the customers and prospects.

For instance, a company that wants to project a picture that that they are dependable and trustworthy, they’ll use the blue color while green would be used to portray peacefulness. Consider a good layout of the banner where you use few words to tell it all. This would make the banner legible and appealing to the passersby.

When using several feather flags in the same location, consider having the flags designed differently to capture the attention. A mix of well thought designs would be very attractive and therefore creating awareness for many.


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