Mind-blowing Facts about Physics

The study of physics is nothing but the study of the universe and more specifically we can say that it tells us how the universe works. Discoveries made by the Physicists over the years, have helped us in understanding both micro and macro cosmos. Discoveries like Ohms law, Planck’s constant and much more have helped the mankind to understand physics from the domain of elementary particles to that of the whole universe.

Here are some facts about physics that will blow your mind:

  1. All Objects Fall at the Same Speed: We all know that a heavier object reaches the ground first as compared to a lighter object. It sounds like common sense and besides that, it is also a fact. The reality is the objects have nothing to do with the gravity; the reason behind this fact is the air resistance of the earth’s atmosphere that provides the object to fall. About 400 years ago at first Galileo realized that regardless of the mass, gravity works the same on all objects. If we throw a heavier object and a lighter object on the moon, then the two objects will reach the surface at the same time because the moon has a very thin atmosphere.
  2. Mystery of Microwave And Liquids: As per the latest researches, worldwide, water in the liquid state has the characteristic to enable many new molecular interactions to develop. This helps in enhancing absorption of heat by food items. Due to this property, to make a burger or pizza soft enough, we can place a glass of water with it inside the micro oven.
  3. Light Waves don’t Always Travel in a Straight Line: We have a concept in mind that light waves flow in a straight line but the reality is, it flows even in a twisted form. In 2010, using computer controlled hologram a research was done and it was observed that light can be twisted into knots. As per the observation when light passes through a hologram it gets twisted into several shapes, producing multiple knots.
  4. The Dead Sea: One of the most interesting and amazing facts about Physics on earth is “The Dead Sea”, which is known for its density due to the presence of salt, as a result of which you can easily float on it without drowning, so one can always claim to be a swimmer there.
  5. Black Holes are not Black: Black holes are very dark but in actual, they are not black. Black holes glow in a way that gives light across the whole spectrum. A former Lucasian mathematics professor named Stephen Hawking of Cambridge University first proposed the existence of the black hole. So the radiation emitted from the black hole is called “Hawking Radiation” which is named after the professor because they are constantly giving radiation off, and therefore losing mass, black holes will eventually evaporate altogether if they don’t have another source of mass to sustain them.

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