Old School RuneScape Armor guide

Old School RuneScape Armor guide

OSRS game contains various armor that may help the player to protect himself and kill the enemies in the game. These armors are utilized in defending and attacking skills. You may require various type of metal to create these armor.

The armor may include Bronze, Steel, Iron, Rune and some other item for their production. Some of these items can be made with the help of the smithing skill in the game, but that skill cannot manufacture items like Dragon, black and white.

The player can only get these items by a monster drop, or you can purchase them as well. You may also trade their items or some OSRS gold. The seller of these items or old school RuneScape gold may demand different things in the trading process.

The armor made from Dragon, white, and black material is usually considered as the special item. Now, as you are familiar with the item, I’m going to tell you about the Armor types.

Type of Armor

There is a variety of armor available in the OSRS game. All the armors have their own strength to bear the enemy attack.

  • Bronze armor
  • Justiciar armor
  • White armor
  • Adamant armor
  • Steel armor
  • Rune armor
  • Mithril armor
  • Black armor
  • Bandos armor
  • Initiate armor
  • Dragon armor
  • Granite armor
  • Iron armor

These are some of the armor that you may use in the game for your protection purpose. You may also see some other armor in the OSRS game that is not available in the list.

We have not mentioned all the armor set because it’s a very long list. You can experience them all by yourself during the game.

Bronze Armor

The Bronze armor is composed of various bronze metals. If we talk about its strength, then it is one of the weakest armor in the OSRS game, but still, it provides a little amount of protection.

These bronze items have a special identity, and their identity is the color. All the bronze items in the game are brown colored. If you want to create a bronze armor, you may need a single defense shield, and a single weapon will be required.

Iron Armor

Iron is also used to create another set of armor in the old school RuneScape game. As indicated by the name, it requires iron metal for its creation process. These material are much stronger in comparison to the bronze armor.

But if we compare them with the steel equipment, then the iron metal is a bit weaker. Just like the Bronze equipment, the Iron armor also has a different color, and that color is dark-grey.

Justiciar Armor

If we talk about the strength, then it hard to beat the Justiciar armor. It is the most powerful armor in the OSRS game. As it is among the strongest equipment, it is expensive.

It may also demand various items that you will get rarely either via trading or some other purpose. So as you can buy OSRS gold, you can also purchase the item to make the Justiciar armor.


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