Planning To Marry Next Year? Here Are Wedding Flowers You Should Consider For Your Big Day.

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From sexy, whimsical torrent bouquets to vintage handpicked bouquets, brides have choices when it comes to picking their wedding flowers. And with so many types of flower bouquets nowadays, some brides end up in confusion which flower to choose for their wedding day.

It is worth noting that the wedding flower bouquet you choose has a significant impact on your big day. So, it is essential to choose the flower bouquet type that will pair perfectly with the theme and the overall look. To aid you to come up with an informed choice, we have collected seven types of wedding flowers to think about while preparing yourself to walk down the aisle! Click this content to see more.

  1. Nose Gay

These are ubiquitous traditional wedding flowers. They are round in shape and consist tight buds of flowers trimmed to the same style and length. They are packed tightly and held together by wire or acentric fabric wrap.

  1. Biedermeier

They resemble nosegay flowers and are wrapped in the same way using fabric or wire. But, the flower arrangement is different as these are arranged in concentric circles around each flower. They bring out a striped impact on the bouquet.

  1. Cascade

They resemble a waterfall. They employ the greenery effect and choice blooms to bring out a tapering effect to your bouquet. In this case, the bouquet drops down in front of your hand to create an upside-down shape with round art on top creating a point at the base. They are ideal wedding flowers for high-end weddings.

  1. Posy

Posy flowers are an excellent option for brides. They are ideal for bridesmaids, flower girls and petite brides thanks to its smaller size. They consist of small round bouquet tied using a beautiful ribbon and is effortlessly to hold in one hand.

  1. Round

This is perhaps the most famous bouquet type. As the name suggests, they are round in shape and consist of more than one flower bloom that is harmonized and balanced. Ideally, it is a more significant type of posy flower, but it is more buttoned at the top. If you want to use round flowers, we recommend you go for anemones and roses. Also, any other flower will be ideal too.

  1. Composite

These flower bouquets need a certain level of creativity to perfect them. You can use petals, buds, and blooms to tie the arrangements that appear like a single, big flower originating from smaller flowers. Composite flowers showcase extravagant and sumptuous character. Opt for these flowers for a luxurious, refined and badass wedding with a smooth colour radiance.

  1. Crescent

This is a stand out style that is designed in a sleek arch. The blooms are more solid in the centre, then repulse each side to a more tapered shape. It is an excellent choice for brides who need something unique.

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